The latest model of the Jeep Wrangler comes with some of the most optimal handling and control features. The need for stability on the road has made it necessary for manufacturers to come up with car models with enhanced controls. The model of Jeep Wrangler that recently hit the market comes with many of these functionalities; here are some of the most important ones.

• Enhanced traction control (ABS)

This system makes it possible to slow down a spinning wheel whenever a wheel slip is detected when you are driving at a low speed. The brake system is automatically activated to do this.

The primary benefit of the system is to make it possible for your jeep to accelerate from a stationary position and maintain the motion on a slippery terrain. The chances of your jeep losing traction and spinning out of control in slippery conditions are therefore significantly reduced.

• Case shift that can manually be transferred

Jeep Wrangler is fitted with a lever whose main function is to facilitate shifting between 2 wheel drives and the 4 wheel drives that might be available. This feature is essential to off-roaders since it offers the desired hands-on involvement characteristic of any manual shift transfer.

• Hubs that lock automatically

As you shift automatically from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive a spring loaded hub usually engages automatically. This ensures that torque is applied to the axle and in turn the inner mechanism slides in and locks.

• Coil front springs

This is an improvement on the previously existing models of springs. The jeep comes with a spring that is spiral in shape. This gives it the ability to compress and extend without undergoing permanent deformation. The versatility of these coil springs makes them adaptable to multiple mounting locations. This is the very definition of flexibility.

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• The anti roll bar on the rear

The anti roll bar is also commonly called the stabilizer or the anti-sway and is fitted onto the jeep purposely to reduce body roll. It is transversely connected between the right and the left sides of the suspension. This has the effect of adding its spring rate to that of the jeep thus magnifying its effect on prevention of rolling.

• Disc brakes vented at the front

The disc brakes at the front have vents or channels incorporated into their make-up. The overall effect of this is promotion of air circulation. Heat is dissipated optimally and therefore the brakes are able to operate in a cool environment. These disc brakes are advocated for because they reduce the distance necessary in stopping the jeep and resist fade.

All these features have been fitted on the new model of jeep in order to achieve certain enhanced functionalities of the jeep. It goes without saying that many of these parts eventually succumb to wear and tear, and this calls for replacement with quality jeep accessories. Companies such as Bestop among many others are known to supply quality parts that you can easily fit on your jeep. Enjoy your ride keep into reflection need for quality accessories.

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