For those of us with short memories, Jeremy Clarkson recently found himself unemployed by the BBC after a fracas on set of filming an episode. But have no fear, because Clarkson has been busy filming a new show that will appear on Amazon Prime that also stars James May and Richard Hammond. As part of their deal, it appears that they’ll be making some commercials, too.

This one shows Clarkson riding in on a Segway with big tires and explaining how cool the Amazon Fire Stick really is. Obviously, if you’re going to want to watch the new show on the television, you’ll need a device to stream to your TV. The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the options.

Clarkson also takes a brief moment to take a jab at the BBC and their iPlayer app.

We can’t wait for the show to air later this year. We have our Amazon Prime subscription ready, but do you have yours?

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