The 2015 Kia K900 made a splash during the Super Bowl by appearing in a commercial inspired by the movie The Matrix. Designed to compete with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the K900 is the brand’s first attempt at a premium luxury car in the United States. Kia hopes that newer luxury car buyers won’t care as much about the badge on the car as they do the luxury … [Read more…]

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Class is the German automaker’s attempt to make an affordable small sedan. They start at $29,900 and are hoping to bring new people to the Mercedes family for life. However, Mercedes’ in-house performance brand AMG couldn’t leave the CLA alone. They built the $63,815 CLA45 AMG that you see here. What have they changed to more than double the price of the … [Read more…]

In the United States, the Ford Transit Connect sells as a small utility vehicle replacement for the Ford Ranger. The reality is Ford sells them elsewhere in the world with with glass side windows as family transportation. With the redesigned Transit Connect, Ford decided to sell that version of the van here. We recently had the opportunity to take a quick spin in a vehicle Ford … [Read more…]

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