Just test drove the new MG4 – amazing!

Just test drove the new MG4 – amazing!


Just test drove the new MG4 – amazing!

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26 thoughts on “Just test drove the new MG4 – amazing!

  1. I’ve test driven it and I’m totally enamoured by it , such a good value compared to others in the price range like the Corsa e which I’ve also driven but I found lackluster

  2. Shame there’s basically no brand heritage carried through from the old classic designs. This could be a Toyota from the way it looks. Not much reason to have the MG badge on there.

  3. Oooh, MG learned that the screen isn’t supposed to be in knee level. Nice. Haven’t seen much of this car yet, sounds interesting as I have some coworkers looking for a cheaper end EV

  4. I just ordered the exact car you drove, it is a great drive and the quality is better than my Model 3 (2019). Software is a bit 1.0 but that will get better over time.

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