The electrification of cars and small trucks is on the horizon, but the state of Kansas is doing the bare minimum to be prepared.

A new state scorecard from the advocacy group the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ranks the state 29th, with a score of 15.5 out of 100.

Only five states scored at least half of the available points.

“This means that all states can improve their policies,” said Bryan Howard, the scorecard’s lead author.

He said the scorecard is intended to help identify the most promising policies related to EVs and EV-charging infrastructure.

The rankings evaluated states based on actions taken to promote and support the use of electric vehicles. That included how much charging infrastructure exists, what kind of financial incentives or tax breaks are available and whether or not a state has set any goals for better outfitting itself for cars that need to plug in.

Kansas scored poorly in almost every category.

The few highlights for Kansas include the number of publicly available charging stations, although most are found in the more populated eastern part of the state.

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