Everything around us and the world we experience each day is made up of energy. It flows in and through our bodies. Without trying, we transmit and receive. Humans naturally absorb each others’ energy, intentionally or not. It was Nikola Tesla who once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration… “

Even the houses and dwellings we occupy can become infused and saturated with human energy. When you move into a new home there could be unhealthy residue of energy from the previous occupants. Have you ever walked into a place and it felt ‘creepy’? That pertains to a natural law of attraction within our etheric world. Houses, workplaces, and other dwellings or places attract energies.

Is where you spend most of your time like a flowing stream of fresh water, or is it stagnant? Where you work or live can be cleansed and the energy made hygienic, again. Your energy can be contaminated in so many ways leaving a residue in your field which is not of your own… This can upset the natural balance of your body because we naturally blob into each others’ energy.

It is not just personal objects and items of jewelry that we wear, but there are other things we wear that also absorb and store energy. Hand-me-down clothes and previously loved personal items should firstly be cleansed of any residual energy.

As humans we act as an antenna transmitting and receiving energy through the body’s chakra system which can become unbalanced, causing a disruption to general health.

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Also, whenever someone is thinking of you with ill intent your energy can also become infused and contaminated via thought and what their feelings are against you.

Raise your hands in front of your body with palms facing each other. Concentrate on the space between your hands, about six inches apart. Gently breathe in and out and be conscious of your lungs filling with air. Slowly breathe in and out with reverence. Move your hands closer, an inch at a time. Then move them back slowly to their original position. Repeat this half a dozen times and you will surely sense an energy field forming between your hands. It may feel spongy. You have just energized that space. Human energy is like air, although it cannot be seen it definitely exists.

Keeping it clean removes blocked energy, purifies your environment and refines your personal vibration. Your body’s internal functions then respond positively. There are many ways of creating and maintaining a clean environment for energy to work with us in a positive way.

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