The vehicles allow the nonprofit employment agency to provide sustainable transportation to clients while reducing costs, its leaders say.

LANCASTER, Pa. — A Lancaster-based nonprofit group received a $132,000 grant from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to purchase a pair of Tesla Model X electric vehicles and two charging station to provide sustainable transportation for its social enterprise employment agency.

ASSETS and Lancaster Works introduced the vehicles at a dedication event on Wednesday. The organization said it will use the vehicles to provide clean transportation to those looking to improve their economic opportunities in Lancaster County.

“We are humbled and honored by being chosen to partner with Green Mountain Energy and make an affirmative statement in favor of advancing environmental sustainability,” said Tyrone Miller, chief executive officer of Lancaster Works. “It is our hope this partnership will exemplify the importance of Green Mountain Energy Sun Club’s vision to see all communities achieve long-term sustainability with the quality of life and environmental resources necessary to thrive.”

The new electric vehicle initiative allows Lancaster Works to avoid outsourcing its transportation needs to third-party vendors, resulting in an 85% reduction in annual costs, ASSETS said.

It will also allow ASSETS to grow by 25% and help serve and place an additional 60 or more workers, the agency said. The increase in job placement is equivalent to a direct impact of $350,000 in five years, which will further enhance the sustainability of the organization, ASSETS said.

Wednesday’s dedication was attended by Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace, Lancaster County Commissioner Ray D’Agostino, and Pennsylvania Department of General Services Secretary Curtis Topper. 

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Representatives from ASSETS and Lancaster Works showcased the two Tesla Model X vehicles with Falcon Wing doors opening during the event.

“With the most storage space and towing capacity of any electric SUV, and seating for up to seven adults, the Tesla Model X delivers maximum utility for Lancaster Works’ EV initiative to improve their beneficiaries’ mobility and increase access to jobs while reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution,” ASSETS said.

Green Mountain Energy, the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer, founded Sun Club in 2002 to advance sustainability by partnering with nonprofit organizations engaged in meaningful work to support the communities the company serves. 

ASSETS is one of more than 120 projects to receive a sustainability grant since Sun Club’s founding, the organization said.

The grants are awarded to nonprofits seeking to implement projects promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

“Green Mountain Energy’s goal with Sun Club grants is to promote sustainability in the community while at the same time supporting important causes,” said Mark Parsons, vice president and general manager of Green Mountain Energy. “Nonprofit organizations understand better than anyone else their communities’ needs and the best ways to meet them.

“With the addition of the two Tesla Model X, ASSETS increases its program capacity, saves funds for its core mission and reduces its environmental impact. This is a great example of what we are able to achieve by working with nonprofits.”

Lancaster Works is Lancaster County’s only social enterprise employment agency. ASSETS founded the agency in 2017 envisioning a community in which all residents have access to family-sustaining employment. 

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To do this, Lancaster Works connects companies seeking a high-quality workforce with employees who are prepared for success. In 2019, 250 candidates were successfully placed by Lancaster Works, the organization said.

Over 60% of the beneficiaries require transportation assistance accounting for over 180 miles in round trips driven daily.

For more information about ASSETS’ Lancaster Works efforts to promote job placement in Lancaster County, visit lancasterworks.org.

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