Liebherr launches electric excavators

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4 thoughts on “Liebherr launches electric excavators”
  1. “Liebherr said the electric system in the new Liebherr R 976-E 400 kW crawler excavator is supplied with 6000 V power via a cable connection.”

    So this is cable powered, and thus intended for work where the excavator doesn’t need to move much.

  2. I have nothing to add, except Excavators are a blast to run. There’s a place in Vegas where you can play around with one (also a place in Jersey, I hear). Closest I’ll get to piloting a Battlemech. I even managed to impress the instructor by spinning the tracks clock-wise, while rotating the cab counter-clockwise, keeping the cab still.

  3. Big deal, ev heavy equipment with a power cable has been done for more than two decades. I don’t understand why they didn’t create a version of the ev excavator without a cable.

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