Lil bit Redneck … lil bit LIGHTNING

Lil bit Redneck … lil bit LIGHTNING

Lil bit Redneck … lil bit LIGHTNING

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24 thoughts on “Lil bit Redneck … lil bit LIGHTNING

  1. If they make a fully EV Maverick next year I am seriously going to consider getting one.

    I’m shocked they aren’t doing a full EV Tacoma. Toyota has been doing the EV game longer but Ford sure beat them by a mile.

  2. I’m actually surprised how good it looks in that color, I mean Ford really nailed the design of it despite me not being a fan of pick up trucks in general. The color definitely compliments the truck.

  3. Nice. Mine is scheduled for production the week of 10/17/2022. The average time between production and delivery is about 50 days so I may slip into a 2022 delivery which would qualify for the tax credit.

    I drove my dealership’s demo this weekend and was floored by how nice of a drive it is.

  4. I am not typically an EV fan but these trucks look awesome and are well thought out. It’s the first EV that made me want to make the jump. There’s a few more now with the Audi and Mercedes coming out.

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