Sports cars are known for their high speeds and elegance. If you would like to know which these sports cars are, here are their logos and meanings:


The car is made by Bentley motors which is a British manufacturer. The emblem shows a bold “B” surrounded by a set of spread wings. The “B” in the emblem reflects the name of the founder-Walter Owen Bentley who founded the company in 1919. The design of the wings links to the original name of the company-Bentley Aero. The original company used to manufacture rotary engines for planes during the First World War.


The logo dates back to 1962 when Ferruccio Lamborghini visited the ranch of Eduardo Miura where fighting bulls were bred. Lamborghini was greatly influenced by the power and the presence of the fighting bulls thus he adopted the bull as the emblem for his cars. In addition to using the bull as the emblem, he also manufactured cars bearing the names of the bulls. For example, names such as Islero, Jalpa, Gallardo, Diablo are all names of the fighting bulls.


It has German flag colors, name of the city where the company is based, Stuttgart, and a horse that indicates speed and power. The background of the logo is obtained from the coat of Wuttemberg arms.


The emblem is very simple. It comprises of a jumping jaguar that is placed above the company’s name. The manufacturer used the animal as a symbol of power, speed, and performance of the cars. Although, the manufacturer has changed the logo over the years, the logo hasn’t changed a lot. A recent study found that many people feel that the logo is over stylized. From the study, many people prefer the original emblem.

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The Ferrari brand is one of the most recognizable sports car brands in the world. The company’s emblem consists of a prancing horse that was originally painted on Francesco Baracca, a brave airman of the First World War. Since Baracca won most of the battles he went to, the logo was seen as a sign of luck. In 1923, Baracca’s mother requested the owner of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, to put the emblem on all of his cars in order to be lucky.


These are some of the most popular sports car brand logos. You should note that while all the cars are meant to be sports cars, they are designed for different roads; therefore, you should do your research and find the one that is ideal for your road.

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