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I’m gonna use the following article for reference : [Peugeot 308 coming full EV in 2023](https://insideevs.com/news/498275/peugeot-308-fully-electric-EV-coming-2023/)

I’m pretty sure this news has been already posted on this reddit, about the almost instant turn around from Peugeot to not only introduce a Hybrid version of the new 308 from day one, but also a full electric version from 2023/2024.
It should come in two versions, one of them being a boosted electric based on the future PSE 208’s one.

I personally find the car really really great-looking, with a well modernized interior compared to what’s currently on the market in France (bc yes I’m French). I was already looking at a possible EV car in 2019, but eventually decided to set myself for a ICE Clio 4.

So here comes my current reasoning on this potential new car ;
With French subsidies, I think I’m not gonna be eligible to an aid to buy an EV car, bc my current one is considered as one of the least polluting on the market.
In terms of usage, I’m certainly around the right target. I currently live in an appartement with no recharge possible atm, but I work near a commercial center where I could recharge during my lunch pause. One or two recharges per week should be enough.
In terms of sizes, I may be possibly have children in 5-6 years so it should be good. I’m even thinking of the possible “break” version.
But… The reason behind Peugeot’s move is kinda scaring me. They announced it bc Volkswagen is selling lots of EVs, so they had to catch-up. So yeah the technology for the new EV is already created, as for the e-208 and e-508, but it’s still gonna be a “port”.
Ah, and I don’t like SUVs in general… So the 308 is a good fit.

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Finally I don’t know how to act financially : a location, a leasing (I don’t really know how it works), buying the car with a bank loan, and selling my current car … ?

So I’m looking for opinions to make the big step into “EV cars world”, especially from those who owns the e-208/e-508 to have their experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for opinions regarding the future “e-308””
  1. My issue with the PSA EVs is that they’re still quite a compromise. Not ground up EVs. As a company they seem to be running right down the middle of the fence. It’s good and bad.

    I’m also trying to avoid SUVs and crossovers. Renault has a Megane EV hatch due end of the year which I’m interested in. More specs are still due to come but it looks good so far. It’s similar size to the ID3.

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