Loving the Mach E! Waited since July to finally get this baby!

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29 thoughts on “Loving the Mach E! Waited since July to finally get this baby!”
  1. Shame this isnt coming to Australia. We dont have many compelling options out here.

  2. It is a excellent color and nice vehicle. Do you get unsolicited opinions about the Mustang name?

  3. Just saw one of these in the wild the other day while driving! I had to do a double take and then spent the rest of the day wondering if that’s what I even saw. Very cool

  4. Congrats, glad to see more EVs on the road. Hope you get years of clean driving out of it.

  5. We just ordered an AWD Mach E. If it is 1/15th as good as my F-150 it will be great. We are giving up a BMW X-5 due to many warranty issues, terrible ride, lousy hybrid range. Excited to try the Mach-E.

  6. Gotta say, I HATED this thing at first. But I’m coming around. I’m not a fan of the name, but objectively it’s one of the best EVs on the market worldwide, and that’s just a fact. Proof that Ford has really been raising the bar over the last several years.

  7. I love the way these things look. I’ve had several mustangs so seeing one as an EV is amazing. I’m so torn between this and the Cybertruck I have on pre-order.

  8. Welcome to the club! Glad to see another EV hitting the road. I hope it turns out positive. Our first EV buy ended up being a nightmare but just ordered a third – once you flip EV you never go back!

  9. Nice! I just wrapped up a 3 day test drive with a black premium model. I was extremely impressed with how Ford was able to pull this car off!

  10. Congrats! Loving my Ford Focus Electric. My wife and I compete to drive it instead of our Expedition. Mach-E might be our next upgrade.

  11. Awesome car, perfect first real EV for ford. This car will really help to electrify america.

  12. I love mustangs and love this. If I could afford to upgrade my Leaf to one of these I would in a heartbeat but I’m just not the type to spend that much on a car.

  13. This looks like the best-looking Mach-e picture I have seen. I didn’t know silver color fits Mach-e this well.

  14. This color does wonders for the Mach E. Looks great. I fancy this over a Model Y or Polestar.

  15. Interested in your opinion – why did you choose the Mach E over a Tesla Model Y?

  16. Congrats! Did the dealer add any markup? Been shopping around and curious how common that is.

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