Loving the Taycan Cross Turismo

Loving the Taycan Cross Turismo


Loving the Taycan Cross Turismo

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9 thoughts on “Loving the Taycan Cross Turismo

  1. Picked this up about 3 months ago. On a whim really. Was going to wait for the macan ev and was also looking at the q4. I’m now a huge fan of EV as a daily. My wife’s macan has been collecting dust as we drive this most of the time now. And, the utility is quite good. About as much space in the back as the macan (not quite as high) Open back up seats down and loaded it up with trim molding and hardware from home depot.

    The car as shown is in “lift mode” and the clearance is something . I live in a very hilly area and the adjustable suspension has me loving the clearance. I have some low sports cars and i constantly cringe pulling into my driveway.

    The handling is fantastic. There is a ramp onto the tollway near me, hard right decreasing radius then opens up. Hit it hard trail brake into it and you can feel the weight on turn in but once it takes a set the car is freaking way better than a 5k lb family wagon should be.

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