May 2022 Tesla brand loyalty more than doubles year-over-year and leads all brands industry-wide

May 2022 Tesla brand loyalty more than doubles year-over-year and leads all brands industry-wide

May 2022 Tesla brand loyalty more than doubles year-over-year and leads all brands industry-wide

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22 thoughts on “May 2022 Tesla brand loyalty more than doubles year-over-year and leads all brands industry-wide

  1. All you gotta do is ask the kids… wife and I each drive a Tesla and I can’t count the number of times younger gen come asking if thats my Tesla or how much do I love my Tesla or wow cool Tesla… no joke the kids are well aware of the brand. Maybe a Youtube effect? None the less, they know it and want it more than any other auto brand.

  2. The sentiment pushed by many about “tesla fanboys”, “tesla stans” “tesla cult” etc always misses one massive point.

    They were created.

    Somehow Tesla created 3 million owners in a short period of time where the overwhelming majority love their cars.

    Tesla has won consumer reports most satisfied owner EVERY year since like 2014.

    The detractors never stop to ask how Tesla did that.

    It’s not 20 people all in a cult, it’s now a massive network of people globally all who are new to EVs all pushing for one brand.

    Consider long time and chief Tesla detractor Mark Speigal in 2014

    >“If Tesla sells 35,000 cars this year, 500,000 sales in 2020 would imply a six-year CAGR of 56%.”

    >”No complex product manufacturer has ever grown that quickly from a revenue base of $3 billion or more.”

    And yet we know that tesla did produce and sell 500,000 cars in 2020. That’s the most interesting part with this groupthink. The detractors think the fans are in the wrong, they never stop to think that they have become “anti fans”. An anti musk/tesla cult where tesla can do nothing right and every fraudulent.

    Imagine being wrong for 10 years and never stopping to think that maybe it’s your thesis that is wrong, not reality.

    Say hi to real Tesla for me

  3. Not only do people who own a Tesla have strong loyalty to the brand, but also as of Q2 2022, [Tesla was also the brand most under consideration by consumers when shopping for an EV](

    So all that yelling on Reddit about Twitter that started back in April had little to no effect on Tesla? All those people proclaiming “I’m never buying a Tesla” every day amounted up to a big load of jack shit?

  4. Its funny, I know people talk about build quality, but my thoughts on Tesla has stayed the same throughout the last 2 years. My thoughts on other manufactures have just gone to shit because of their dealers. I wasnt thinking about a Tesla but now I am.

  5. Something I’ve noticed Tesla does that the other manufacturers don’t do is that other than the plaid models, Teslas are the only cars that actually care about the experience of the other passengers. Other manufacturers are trying to make their dashes more functional for the driver while Tesla is taking functionality for the drivers away and creating more experiences for the passengers, like gaming or the farting in different seats for example. I think this is why children like Teslas so much. You could say its cause of youtubers promoting Teslas, but youtubers promote other cars like rivian, lambos and other luxury/sport cars, yet children don’t care too much about those as much as they do Teslas. Thats just my theory

  6. My 2014 model S has been in the shop for 150 days since November. I’m pissed that it’s always broken, and it seems that they can’t figure out why.

    In the last week, I’ve test driven the Chevy bolt, kia EV6, and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

    … Fuck Tesla’s map is great. Touch screen response (try pinching the maps in the ioniq 5, pretty laughable). Voice commands.

    Autopilot? Sure Hyundai has it… And I only drove it for 20 minutes…. But it’s light-years behind Tesla in terms of time it takes to change lanes, etc. It just felt ultra conservative, and… At times it didn’t know what to do.

    So I hate saying this…. But my next car will be a Tesla 🙃

    Competition is coming… but in terms of the tech side of the car… Tesla is unmatched.

    I’m not trying to bag on the other EVs (go team!), but pointing that the tech in Tesla’s, the over the air updates… it’s unmatched.

    Yes, Hyundai said they are in the process of starting something like that. But as of today… Tesla wins by a mile.

  7. It’s like you either have a really good or really bad experience when you get a Tesla. Mostly good, but you always hear the bad shout very loud. I’m uncomfortable by how limited my repair options are right now if there is an issue with the battery pack.

  8. After seeing so many lemons on the road in the early 2000’s, I chose My first car with my own cash: a Toyota Tercel. I came from a Toyota family. Husband came from a GM Family. I did however, wish at 18 that I could convert my tercel to an EV while I worked at Shell. Decades later, my husband each drive a model 3. After trading in the Leaf for a second 2019. We love Tesla ❤️

  9. Nice. Looking forward to a more diverse model line-up and better pricing in the years to come. That’s the main limitation to me as far as “loyalty”. For example, I’ll probably be interested in a Jeep/Bronco-type EV in a few years.

  10. I love the Tesla I bought last spring. Great car, super fun. However, we’re not replacing our other car, and not considering Tesla given the huge price increases (here in Canada at least).

    Last spring, the Model 3 started at $52,000 (CAD) for the SR+ and was eligible for a $5000 rebate. Now it’s $62,000 for the base RWD, and too expensive to qualify for any rebates.

    We bought a Polestar 2 instead for $50,000 and the $5k rebate on top.

  11. Tesla was first to market so it’s what people know they had nothing to compare it to when buying a Ev.

    This is now changing consumers will have many options to choose from and compare in the coming years.

    I’m sure Tesla will still be around as long as Elon stays on his medication. Tesla is Android in the Ev car world.

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