maybe a day 🤔

maybe a day 🤔

maybe a day 🤔

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40 thoughts on “maybe a day 🤔

  1. It wouldn’t give THAT much power though, would it? I was under the impression that fast chargers were basically shooting a lightning bolt into your battery. A momentary blast isn’t going to provide much of a boost.

  2. When driving through a part of the country with a lot of lightning strikes regularly my son declared one day he would develop a robot that could capture a lightning strike and use it to power all the things. I asked him what he would do if the robot turned evil and used his lightning harnessing powers to destroy things instead. He promised me he would make a nice robot.

    I’ll add EV charging to his robot backlog guys.

  3. My weird thought …Well if you make a road that has a specific magnetic pole, and somehow setup a generator at the bottom a car that has same pole… the generator will keep rotating continuously generating current

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