We’ve finally seen the brand new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider, and there are a lot of questions we’d like answered. Unfortunately, many of those questions are ones that will only be answered behind the wheel. For the first time in basically forever, there are two different Mazda Miatas on sale. The question is, which one would you pick? What?! Two Miatas?! That’s right. The Fiat 124 … [Read more…]


After the Great Recession, Scion was in a bit of a situation. Their young, hip, funky looking cars hadn’t been updated in awhile, and the Millennials that they were targeted closed up their wallets and stopped spending. While most of the economy has recovered, Scion’s product line still hasn’t really changed much. Yes, they have the FR-S, but what about cars that appeal to more … [Read more…]


We like the new Mazda 3. It’s a fun little car with loads of technology features. When Mazda says they put a little sports car DNA in everything they make, it’s not just a slogan. Another thing about the Mazda 3 is that it holds it’s value well. ALG, the statistics arm of Truecar, has awarded the Mazda 3 with a back-to-back residual value award. What does that mean? Over the … [Read more…]

For 2014, Mazda brought an all-new Mazda3 to the United States. It features all new technology, including fuel-saving SkyActiv technology. Mazda makes some of the best driving cars and sport utility vehicles out there. The company that brought the world the loveable MX-5 Miata claims they have the soul of a sports car in every product that they make. But Mazda innovates … [Read more…]

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