Mercedes EQB power seats for 2022 are missing

Mercedes EQB power seats for 2022 are missing

Mercedes EQB power seats for 2022 are missing

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31 thoughts on “Mercedes EQB power seats for 2022 are missing

  1. I looked at picking up an EQA350, but compared to my just departed GLA45s ( Mach-E is inbound ), it’s missing the powered tailgate, powered seats, wireless phone charger, and adaptive headlights. The salesman thought I was being unreasonable for wanting a like for like….

  2. Is that big paddle for height adjustment or reclining? Regardless, I don’t think it’s a big deal to be missing power seats, sounds like there is a good reason for it. I very much doubt MB would leave that out if they had a choice about it.

  3. If I ever have to cut corners, I will just replace leather seats with some premium fabric or leather look alike stuff as I believe leather option is on its way out anyway, but I will never compromise on luxury electronics and safety items. I literally didn’t buy Tesla Model 3 just because of that when I found out, it doesn’t have blind spot monitor on the side mirrors and this is a must have for me

  4. I visited and chatted with a few dealerships in Phoenix. The cars they are currently selling all were missing power seats. It sounds like this first round of vehicles was all produced during a shortage and, rather than wait to have the electric equipment, the company decided to just make the cars and give purchasers a credit for missing power seats.

  5. A small step away from roll down windows.

    I feel this will have downstream impacts like resale value that exceeds the discount offered let alone the quality of life downgrade, but if you need a car you need a car I suppose.

  6. Wait: A MB with MANUAL seats? I mean, thats a sign of the Apocalypse. MB is (was) synonymous with luxury and powered seats is throwaway technology (meaning its cheap and is considered standard in even most American cars)

  7. Oh, I remember those times, 80s or 90s last time I saw those things (in german cars). I guess everybody else moved on some 30 years ago 😁 But hey, not actually a problem if you’re the sole driver. Otherwise, pain.

  8. Got the EQB 350 2 weeks ago. No markup. $750 credit for the power seats. I’m sure I was probably one of the first 5 in the US to get it. No power seats, but I’ve seen the Teslas. MBs are way better. No comparison in the quality and craftsmanship. Drives like a dream and yes.. you feel safe, unlike in a Tesla 🙂
    Edit: Also test drove the iD4 and Polestar 2 prior to getting the EQB.. Test drove the EQB, just before the actual sale and I know I made the right decision!

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