Mercedes EQS vs Tesla Model S Plaid interior

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47 thoughts on “Mercedes EQS vs Tesla Model S Plaid interior”
  1. I wouldn’t mind if Tesla added some customizable interior lighting.

  2. Does air only come out of those two weird looking turbines on the eqs when heating/cooling?

  3. Are there any pictures of the plaid interior that aren’t 3d renderings?

  4. They’re different interiors for different people. The Mercedes will probably have nicer materials, and will be better built with a worse infotainment, and Tesla will have a better infotainment with worse build quality. The Mercedes is also more expensive

    Also, that’s the LR interior, not the Plaid

  5. I like both. The EQS vents look bad in my opinion, overdone. Love the quality of the materials in the EQS. The Tesla is more my style, with a regular steering wheel. I like how there seems to be less footwell intrusion in the Tesla.

  6. I like the idea of giving the passenger a dedicated screen in the EQS.
    Both very nice cars with a different style.

  7. My honest opinion & I’m not trolling fans of the Mercedes aesthetic, as I totally get “to each his ow”, is that the Tesla looks like an evolved minimalist aesthetic, whilst the Mercedes screams “I’m futuristic, seem me LED! I’m an EV!” … just like it’s really “trying to hard”.

    It reminds me of a prototype car’s interior that will never be released… but not a good way, as in “too bad we’ll never get that”.

    Again, totally get some people will love it.

    Some people put RGB lights all over their PC, whilst others don’t. Some people like to wear/own something that screams look-at/notice-me whilst others might choose subdued.

  8. I like them both, but I appreciate the minimalist aesthetic and the steering of the Tesla more than I like the interior of the EQS.

  9. Usually traditional automakers do better interiors but I like the Tesla S 2022 better. The Mercedes interior just looks tacky and overdesigned, that glossy wood in the center console, the turbine vents are overdone, and way too much RGB. The Tesla looks more serene and zen, like another commenter mentioned, and the open pore wood is a lot nicer too.

    The Mercedes looks like a retro vision of the future while the Tesla actually looks futuristic.

    I’m Gen Z if that explains why my opinion is contrary to most of the people here.

  10. I definitely prefer the Mercedes interior between the two. That said, the supercharger network would be the thing that gets me to pull the trigger on the Tesla. And I honestly don’t expect the fully decked out EQS with the pictured interior to be below $130K USD.

  11. Am I one of the few people that thinks the Mercedes interior and door to door screen looks really bad a gimmicky?

  12. I don’t need the excessive screens of the EQS interior, but I’m very pleased that they went with a circular steering wheel. The steering yoke on the Tesla is a deal-breaker.

  13. I’ve always thought Tesla interiors were underwhelming and not worthy of the car’s price. Looks like MB is saying ‘allow me to reintroduce myself’

  14. The merc looks like a spaceship cockpit and the tesla looks like my living room.

  15. The infotainment looked hella sluggish in the video I saw and they really need to work on voice commands, it feels like a 20 second roundtrip to change something with voice commands where you have to say “hey <car>”, wait for it to respond, say a thing, wait for it to have it. Just let me do this in one phrase save half the time.

  16. Would be cool if someone did this with the latest offerings from all off the manufacturers. GM, Kia, etc. just stack them up.

  17. If we put a standard steering wheel on the model S, it will look like shit. Yoke is the only thing that helps. Teslas interior is straight from Ikea. And thats not a bad thing, some people like it. I dont.

  18. different price points and different performance numbers.
    only thing similar between these cars is that they are both S models. bad comaprison IMO op. the S class guy isn’t too concerned about 0-60 in <1.9.

  19. The EQS looks sleek and sexy and the plaid looks like a budget car that’s stolen it’s steering wheel from an arcade machine and knocked off an iPad from the apple store on the way out too and glued them on.

  20. Mercedes has some of the best interiors in the business and this one, like other S-Class cars, is the top of their range. I’m sure the materials are top notch, the styling is great, and there is an extensive array of features you won’t find on the Tesla or any other EV. However, the update to the Tesla interior has improved it substantially, and it’s also very good but behind the EQS. I am worried about the performance of the screens in the EQS based on the review by [Brownlee](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUqZQTp_gpI), will be good to get some production cars out so others can report back.

    The two cars will overlap in the market but will likely have different buyers. We don’t get know a price but it will be six figures (USD). We also don’t have performance data based on specs this car will not be in the same league as a Plaid Model S.

  21. Have you watched any videos of people using the infotainment system? Delayed response, looks like it makes a smart car feel dumb. The EQS definitely has more premium features and will be built better but the UI looks terrible compared to how smooth and crisp Tesla’s is (3 and Y, I know S and X were slowing down a bit with the vertical screen). Gear selector might be amazing, no ones tried it yet. Yolk is optional. It’s too bad that all these big companies still haven’t invested in good software. Who will improve first? Tesla going to up their quality/options game or will all the other auto manufacturers step up and develop good software/UI/Autopilot tech.

  22. Top one is vastly more preferable. Heated, cooled, ventilated, massage seats in the EQS. The entertainment system in each of the seat locations of the EQS also allows for individual BT headsets. The voice control system in the EQS allows each occupant to be identified and their commands get replies to them specifically.

    In the Model S you get whatever the hell they’re trying to do with not giving you a gear selector, and a stupid yoke. I’m a Tesla owner, but for occupant experience? There’s no comparing the S and the EQS. They aren’t even on the same planet.

  23. Tesla just because of the wireless charging placement. I have not seen a better set up from any other company

  24. I typically like things to be a bit more toned down in design but that Tesla just looks disappointing. I hate the big tablet that just looks like an afterthought, like some jackass decided that an iPad in a case bolted to my dash was acceptable in the 21st century. Give me one that actually looks like someone with an idea of how design works to put this together.

  25. How to get instantly downvotes in /r/cars:

    The EQS interior looks like it’s trying too hard.

  26. I’m not saying the Tesla is great; that steering wheel… Dear God I hope the DOT doesn’t allow it. And it’s on the bland side; but that Mercedes? It’s… IDK… A bit much.

  27. The ironic thing is my baby boomer father and mother refused to buy a Tesla because they thought it was too much like a spaceship and that they wouldn’t know how to drive it. Even to this day, they refuse to drive my Model 3 because for some reason they see the screen and no instrument cluster as piloting an airplane.

    Instead they ended up buying another Mercedes because it was a brand they have a long history with. Looking at the future of Mercedes with the EQS, the car that screams spaceship actually doesn’t have a Tesla badge.

  28. I really like it (the Mercedes). Not gonna pay for it, but I like it.

  29. To all the tech people: I understand your frustration with mercedes infotainment system but a car isn’t a smartphone. To me it is more important which is more safe in terms of electric safety and passenger safety. And as someone who has build the EQS I can guarantee that we did everything we could to make the cars as safe as possible in every way.

  30. I was waiting for this car, but it is not going to come to the USA.

    “The Mercedes-Benz 2021 EQC electric SUV was originally slated to [land in U.S. showrooms in early 2020](https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29858890/mercedes-benz-electric-vehicle-eqc-price/). The German automaker then delayed the delivery of the vehicle to the U.S. market by a year, with an updated launch expected for early 2021. Now, according to a [report by Autoblog](https://www.autoblog.com/2021/02/15/mercedes-benz-eqc-not-coming-to-america/), Mercedes has decided the EQC will “not be offered in the United States for now” due to “market developments.”

  31. I wonder what the distance is between the driver and the middle display… is the Tesla screen closer and so less need to reach for it?

  32. My favourite part about this post is that the comments are mostly people arguing about two cars they can’t afford.

  33. As a 2 time Tesla owner (the S and 3) I’ll take that Bens interior any day and everyday. They just need to make their UI more responsive

  34. i get why people like Tesla’s aesthetic, but damn its nice to have actual luxury EVs now.

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