I haven’t seen anyone note this yet, so didn’t want to let it pass without notice that Tesla’s Model 3 is approaching a huge milestone: the first battery-electric vehicle ever to reach 1 million in total sales globally.

Current cumulative sales are approximately 900,000, and at the current rate it looks like the million mark will be hit this quarter, perhaps in May. Rather than slow down with new competition from VW, SAIC/GM, Ford or even Tesla’s own Model Y, the Model 3 is hitting new sales records in nations across the world.

Hopefully, Tesla will break from its usual lack of model-specific reporting to celebrate this achievement as it happens. This is a historic moment in the transition to clean energy, and should generate positive news stories when it happens to further raise awareness of EVs and continue to build momentum.

With new lines for Model 3 opening up in Austin and probably Berlin, and future price reductions, Model 3 is likely to stay at or near the top in sales for several years to come. The pace is set. The target is on its back. And the best part is that whatever vehicle finally catches up to it, the world will have won.

Source: annual and monthly totals from [ev-sales](http://ev-sales.blogspot.com/).

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16 thoughts on “Model 3, the EV juggernaught, will soon reach 1 million sold”
  1. That’s an awesome milestone to hit.

    In the US, the model 3 feels like the strongest selling sedan still going as everything moves to SUVs/crossovers

  2. I’m assuming 3 production in Fremont has fallen as some switched to Y but Shanghai has full on 250k a year flow now.

    Berlin and Austin are not making 3’s yet and wont be for a while, everything at Berlin is geared up for Y initially and Austin is Y then Cybertruck with 3 probably after that

  3. Tesla’s numbers show 1074k cumulative 3+Y through 3/31/21 (see below). Estimates say 140-150k of those are Model Ys, so ~930k Model 3s. Add 110k or so this quarter and they easily exceed one million. Probably not until June, though, due to the way Tesla backloads their quarters.

    Q3 2017 222
    Q4 2017 1,542
    Q1 2018 8,182
    Q2 2018 18,449
    Q3 2018 56,065
    Q4 2018 63,359
    Q1 2019 50,928
    Q2 2019 77,634
    Q3 2019 79,703
    Q4 2019 92,620
    Q1 2020 76,266
    Q2 2020 80,277
    Q3 2020 124,318
    Q4 2020 161,701
    Q1 2021 182,780 (preliminary)

    TOTAL – 1,074,046

  4. 1 million vehicles sold of any type is a smashing success. It means the couple billion in r&d is spread out sufficiently to where the car is profitable.

  5. That’s an great achievement for Tesla. With the rate the BEV market is growing shouldn’t be long before we start and see a few models hitting 1 million.

  6. The 3 also has impressive number in Europe as a sedan model. I always wonder what if Model 3 getting wagon option…

  7. It will be interesting to see how the model 3 holds up in terms of quality as more and more people buy them. I’m hoping the model 3 gets to 200k miles with virtually no problems. I know several tesla’s have made it many more miles than this, but if people see that a Tesla can consistently make a car that doesn’t need money thrown at it later, more and more people will want one which will be great news for all ev lovers, as competition is best for the consumer.

  8. What an incredible achievement. The Model 3 is probably the important vehicle produced this century. Props to Tesla. Hopefully I can get one someday

  9. This is great. The Model 3 was a master stroke for Tesla. It forced big auto to wake up and compete.

  10. I wonder how model 3’s pace to a million compares to any popular ICE cars? Did model 3 get there faster than others?

  11. It was huge news when the Nissan leaf passed 400k vehicles. The first EV to do so. I don’t expect it to be such huge news when the Model 3 reached 1m in less time than it took Nissan to reach 400k.

  12. Wow it’s that many already?!!!?? It’s a big deal but will soon be smashed by Y and CT and more to come.

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