Morning from Yosemite.

Morning from Yosemite.

Morning from Yosemite.

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  1. So if charging and idling are free, won’t these will all be occupied by sunup, and the same cars will sit there all day until the owner returns from their day hike? Since it costs nothing to leave it sitting there as opposed to coming back to move it?

    I mean, sure, that would be an asshole move, but I think we can all agree there’s no shortage of self-centered assholes.

    Edit: as people have pointed out, it’s a low-speed charger, so you’d be expected to be parked there quite a while. Fair enough, and it’s great that they are putting charges in destinations like this.

  2. I love that another manufacturer is taking responsibility for charging. Even a L2 like this makes so many trips possible.

    I used to go to RV parks all the time to get a charge nearby national parks, but they are rarely closer than a few miles from the entrance. Same with the Tesla destination chargers. Used them dozens of times at hotels with my TeslaTap.

  3. These replaced another brand of charger (those were mostly standard j1772 plugs and one old janky tesla charger).

    One big problem is charging etiquette / lack of idle fees. Some people leave their cars after charging or don’t come back. It makes planning a day trip difficult.

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