Wanna get away?

It is more than just a recent promotion from Southwest Airlines. A weekend getaway on your motorbike is a great way to help keep things in perspective in your life and have a great time with your significant other or friends, should you choose to bring them along on your jaunts.

Here’s a picture of a recent trip of mine to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I live in Dallas and took a 3 day trip to get away. You would have seen this already if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram.

Pick A Fairly Close & Fun Location

Pick a city or destination within a 2-4 hour range away. It’s far enough to be decently close, but far enough away to be out of town. This gets you out of the headspace of being in a real familiar place, and open to new things and adventure. A good resource is Butler Maps. They find the great roads and destinations in areas, and are pretty reliable overall.

I usually go to Austin for my fun weekend getaways, which is about 3.5 hours south of Dallas, depending on stops and traffic. The main reasons I head there are the awesome BBQ and great roads. Austin is near the Hill Country in Texas and they have fantastic roads for riding, especially west of town. FM2222 west of MoPac and Lime Creek Road are 2 of my fun roads. After your riding is done, you can relax looking out on Lake Travis with a refreshing beverage.

Enjoy The Local Food

If I can do it at home, I don’t do it on vacation.

Now some of you may have your minds in a dirty place with that, but it’s the activity and food rule I have when on my moto-getaways, or any vacation really. Why some folks go to another city and eat at a damned Burger King I’ll never know. I’m a big BBQ connoisseur and love to sample the local places wherever I go. Asking locals of places to go eat and throwing away the copy of Lonely Planet travel guides leads to a lot of local gems.

Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.

Take the opportunity when out of town to eat food and do things you can’t do at home. I took the chance on my Dallas to Chicago trip to stop at Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous in Memphis for dinner. The ribs and brisket were unlike anything I’d had in Texas, and were well worth the detour.

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Take Time To Relax

Yes it’s fun to get away, and it’s good to relax. Spending hours on the bike seeing new things or running some great canyon roads can be taxing. Some of the most worn out I’ve ever personally felt was the morning after doing 500+ miles in the saddle the day before.

In Hot Springs I found the spas or bathhouses native to that city, due to there being hot springs beneath the city, relaxing. The Superior Bathhouse Brewery was a great place to grab a bite to eat and sample their on-site brewed craft beers.

Take Time To Reflect

Being out of town takes you out of your normal routine, normal areas and normal social structure. This gives you great perspective on how things are really going in your life. This often leads to gratitude, optimism, regret and hope.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the greatest of things.

Have you ever taken an awesome motorcycle getaway? Tell us your story in the comments below. Best story gets a Butler Motorcycle Map for the area of your choice!

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