Mustang Mach-E Road Trip (Part 2) [Out of Spec Motoring]

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5 thoughts on “Mustang Mach-E Road Trip (Part 2) [Out of Spec Motoring]”
  1. I’m not sure I can watch part 2.

    Good thing is this can all be fixed by a software update I think.

  2. TL;DW: EA charge fault on the first session, next 7 went fine. The Mach-E’s charge curve is wonky and leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. Ive got to say for a vehicle that is trying to compete with tesla, it is serving as an advertisement for tesla… i love the EV waven and competition keeps things fresh. But this video is not doing the Mach E any favors. I hope they get the bugs fixed with the charging and the route planning.

  4. So, in other words, the car charges slow AF, and the charging network sucks more. Great ad for a Tesla Model Y…

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