Mustang ME advertised 300 on my California Route 1 edition, pretty impressive I’d say!

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14 thoughts on “Mustang ME advertised 300 on my California Route 1 edition, pretty impressive I’d say!”
  1. So I watched a video recently of this car having massive charge issues on road trips. There seems to be a software bug that’s not making it connect to chargers. Atleast with EA this EV had problems on all the chargers it tested along the route for a 1000 mile trip. This was enough to make me reconsider getting this at the moment. I’d recommend anyone looking into this to research this first.

    If anyone is interested.

  2. Isn’t it 305 on the route 1? Also genuinely curious what your averaging mi/kwh have been, over 3900 miles in my mach-e 4ex it’s been 3.3mi/kwh which equates to a 290 mile average for a full charge (beyond the 270 they estimate)

  3. I have a tesla model 3, i just put a order in for the mustang mach e. How are you liking it?

  4. Just know that, because EVs are very efficient, any change in driving conditions or speed can have huge effects on range. So a headwind or rainstorm, or driving 10mph faster, can lower the range quite a bit.

    It’s just the nature of EVs.

  5. I cant wait to test drive the mach e. Are you happy with it? Do you have any cons about the car? Is it spaceous enough? Family car?

  6. I hope it’s not done by the same people who do the laptop battery estimates.

  7. GOM is fine but it doesn’t really say anything.i can drive around the city for weeks and then go on a lo g trip, then what’s on the GOM doesn’t have much value neither in the city nor on the long motorway trip. Therefore, I have gone over just having reference ranges in my mind and then during the trip just calculating based on the average current consumption. Works pretty well so far if you leave a buffer.

  8. So, a totally not range related question: what do you think of the audio system in the route 1?

  9. When roadtripping to get an accurate range estimate you have to be driving for some time so the car can use that data to estimate. Your car always goes farther in the driveway than on the road.

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