My first EV! I’m on the board

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35 thoughts on “My first EV! I’m on the board”
  1. Nice! What’s its MPGe rating? How much range do you get? Can you fit a family of four, their luggage, and a dog for a weekend trip away?

  2. I have the ryobi zero turn and it does great on my 2 acre lawn for cutting grass and picking up leaves in the fall. The eGo zero turn wasn’t out yet when I needed a replacement, else I would have gotten that one, since I’ve gone all in on the rest of their ecosystem (leaf blower, snowblower, etc.), but still very happy with the ryobi 😎

    Along with my Tesla model 3, I’m happily living with zero gas appliances (except for a propane generator).

  3. Why not a fully autonomous robotic mower? Mine has saved me countless hours of mindless bumping about.

  4. What kind of range can you get with one of these? I have a decent sized yard and already have a riding mower that’s probably not long for this world.

  5. Yo, I have this and love it. I ride it like an ATV, it’s quiet. Holds a charge for a very long time

  6. Ryobi batteries are excellent. I’ve had my lawnmower for 4 years. Still only uses less than half a charge to cut the whole lawn.

  7. What’s the 0-60?

    Joking aside, small engines like on motors have terrible emissions. I love to see these electrified.

  8. I’d love to hear how it works out for you. Also curious of the specs and your yard size, etc.

  9. That’s a great way to go electric if you aren’t ready jet to afford an ev. I have also switched my lawnmower to electric and I am planning to buy an ev next year.

  10. I have been using a fisker reel mower for a few years now. Actually we got another so my wife can help at the same time. It’s not an EV, but it is me powered.

  11. Congrats!

    Add a rear spoiler, increases down-force and you can cut the grass a little shorter.

  12. I bought the EGO lawn mower ,weed wacker and blower from Home Depot. Just tried to mow my lawn and two out of three of the batteries won’t hold a charge and they’re less than 2 years old. Coincidentally when I was in Home Depot the other day I noticed they didn’t sell the EGO brand anymore. I’m too mad to even Google it right now.

  13. Made in China? It’s been assembled incorrectly mate. The wheels are supposed to touch the ground.

  14. Nice! Technically, my first (and only) EV has been a Segway Ninebot Max scooter.

  15. I’m very skeptical of these as, last I checked, they use SLA batteries. Yet I only ever hear good things about them from owners.

  16. Traded in my push gas mower for a B&D E mower years ago. No issues, starts every time. Replaced all my gas yard equipment with Ryobi E, trimmer, blower. Want to find a cordless E vac to replace my corded one for leaves.

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