My little Kia Soul EV on the ice road in Yellowknife

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17 thoughts on “My little Kia Soul EV on the ice road in Yellowknife”
  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you around! I don’t live there but my girlfriend does and I’ve spent many months in YK for work.

    I do think YK is kind of an ideal city for EVs, small enough so that any EVs has more than enough range, and there’s nowhere to go anyway.

  2. Nice. You should post a shot from the back that shows the polar bear license plate. Would be a great comeback image to use on the anti-EV types when they say “but batteries don’t work in the cold”.

  3. Any time someone tells me I’m crazy for wanting an EV in northern Ontario I’ll show them this.

  4. Is that road still open? I drove on it once as a kid from New Brunswick on a student exchange trip.

  5. Beautiful pic of the car and scenery.

    Is this an AWD car? I do not live in an area with harsh winters of snow and ice, but from reading many posts here it seems many people seem so adamant about needing AWD cars?

  6. Question fellow Canadian owner of an EV, I just acquired one yesterday and I am not able to find the spare tire, I see the rest of the kit, but no tire. Does yours include one?

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