My lowered BMW i3s

My lowered BMW i3s

Im a huge car nerd. Moving to an EV doesn’t seem to stop me from modifying cars.

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6 thoughts on “My lowered BMW i3s

  1. And parked like a true BMW owner. Good show!

    Ribbing aside, it looks good. I’m wondering if you offset any efficiency losses by lowering it after you went larger wheels at all four corners.

    I miss my i3. Too bad they command a damned near Ferrari level of repair costs when something fails or I would have kept the little thing.

    Rex? A strong memory of my old i3 imprinted during a long trip where we stopped every hour to fill up the tiny tank. At one of those stops I walked around the car and heard contracting metal sound – that tinkling noise it makes when heated red hot. Looked under the rear end and saw the exhaust manifold glowing bright red!

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