Need help charging.

Need help charging.

Got a new car in Germany that has been bought from America. Can anyone send me an adapter that can go from this to the Tesla chargers that are in Germany.

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  1. You need a CCS combo 2 (EU standard) to CCS combo 1 (US standard) adapter.

    The top portion is different because in the US, residential power is single phase, and in Europe the power is 3-phase. As a result, the US has a J1772 plug at the top and in the EU they have a Mennekes plug at the top.

  2. The kind of adapter you’re asking for is not allowed by the CCS specification. Of course, they exist, you can buy them and use them, but do so at your own risk. With a Kona it should be fine, but with something like a Mercedes EQS, I’d be very careful not to overheat the adapter.

    Those adapters are called CCS2 to CCS1 adapters if you want to get one.

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