New EV Crate Motor Will Give An Easy 590 HP To Any Classic Car

New EV Crate Motor Will Give An Easy 590 HP To Any Classic Car

New EV Crate Motor Will Give An Easy 590 HP To Any Classic Car

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11 thoughts on “New EV Crate Motor Will Give An Easy 590 HP To Any Classic Car

  1. > Equipmake’s new Ampere-220 electric crate motor is one of the lightest and most power-dense we’ve ever heard of. **The motor weighs just 44 lbs. and will produce 295 hp**. That means, with a motor at each axle, you’re producing 590 hp with a dual motor and drive setup that weighs just 88 lbs combined.

    > All told, the drive unit encompasses a silicon carbide inverter, all electronics, the motors, and a transmission system into the unit you see here. That means the unit will directly power a vehicle’s axles, drastically reducing drivetrain loss and weight. **The 290-hp motor produces 6.7 horsepower per pound**.

    > Equipmake says it has marketed the unit towards the producers of “electric sports cars and supercars.” However, 295 hp is not all this unit has to offer. **Apparently, a twin-motor, dual-axle one is available, which will push “up to 590 hp” per axle, making total output closer to 1,180 hp**. Thanks to the drive unit’s 3D-printed construction, the weight stays low, which means the power-to-weight figures on these units are incredibly high.

  2. Wow. That’s a lot of power!

    I’d prefer to see much smaller crate motors myself. I haven’t looked though, so they probably exist. I know they make EV hub motors for bicycles and such. Someone probably makes a 100 hp or less crate motor like this one.

  3. Definitely cool. I will be excited when they launch this for popular cars like corollas and such so that people with cars from the 2000s can upgrade their vehicle to electric. Hopefully would be cheaper than buying a new car but probably not.

  4. Great, wonder what will explode first on my classic car?L? Drive shafts? Or my skull when I slam my 50+ year old car straight in to a wall with it anemic brakes designed for 90+ sluggish horsepowers? 😂😂

  5. All of that engineering time to build a gear reducer with an offset motor & inverter that’s detrimental to longitudinal drivetrain vehicles, and prior to 1980 almost all vehicles were longitudinal drivetrain vehicles.

    Define “classic car.”

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