New GV60 Advanced – First Impressions

New GV60 Advanced – First Impressions

New GV60 Advanced – First Impressions

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10 thoughts on “New GV60 Advanced – First Impressions

  1. I was looking around for an electric SUV that wouldn’t break the bank. I wanted to wait for the ID.4, but it became painfully clear at the start of the school year that we needed two cars, stat. So I convinced my wife I wasn’t having a midlife crisis and ponied up for the one GV60 Advanced available about 3 hours away from our house.

    Genesis of Fairfield was generally great — they had some sort of “mandated” protection plan that cost about $2k that they refused to let me waive, and tacked on $675 for the cost of registering the car for me in MA. So about $62k all-told. But I got under 4% APR financing, and put enough of a down payment on it to make the monthlies manageable. When considering I would’ve paid $55k for a kitted out AWD ID.4 or IONIQ 5, plus whatever markup, plus the monthslong wait, I was happy enough to make this call.

    So far, the car’s a ton of fun, and it gets better eMPG than sticker if you don’t mind eco mode. On the highways, I turn the regenerative braking off and coast downhill. On surface streets, I’m using the iBrake. Hasn’t been hot enough to need the A/C on. Right now my inaugural voyage’s estimated max range will be right around 265 miles by the time I go get it charged at 20%.

    I agree with prior posters that the vaunted sound system is not as good as advertised. It’s fine. Just not good enough to be a true selling point. Cabin is spacious, the fun posture-sensing thing actually improved my driving comfort quite a bit, and yes, of course, in lieu of a gear shift, you may Ponder the Orb (TM).

  2. I hope you enjoy it!

    I test drove one recently and was a bit underwhelmed tbh. I didn’t think it offered enough over an Ioniq 5 or EV6 for the price difference [in the UK], and was really surprised by the amount of body roll it had going through a roundabout.

    That said, it is by no means a bad car. It had a plush interior, and has the same high-speed charging as the other E-GMP cars and some nice kit.

    Would be interested to see how you feel about it after a few months of ownership!

  3. looks awesome in that red. im sure you will enjoy it for many years. sounds like the right choice to stretch for the genesis vs an ID4. all EVs are only going up in value. who knows maybe you will like it enough to keep it for decades? congrats!

  4. Thanks for posting and congratulations!

    I just drove back from Fairfield with my GV60p last Tuesday. I think Charles might have been referring to you when he told me someone was picking up GV60a. The most disappointing thing about Fairfield was they didn’t seem to take me seriously that I wanted to buy the car. I was constantly calling them so I could pay them asap. They delayed, which really f’ed my plans for a weekend trip to NYC. /rant

    I still have to setup my posture sensing, I forgot about that. The seats feel a little hard to me for a lux vehicle. The massage function really made a big difference though, which I wasn’t expecting. I drove comfort mode all the way home, never used boost, and still felt like a rocket on the road. I also hit some traffic for an hour passing into Trenton; using iPedal made that that really tolerable. Charging DCFC worked like a charm too.

    Now I’m looking for excuses to drive.

  5. I wanted the advance model ended up getting a performance for 2k below MSRP on labor day. My wife and I love the car and I just drove 200+ miles one day and use HDA and boost mode. Best car I have ever owned. Honestly never been this happy with a car before.

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