New York State expected to adopt California’s electric car mandate

New York State expected to adopt California’s electric car mandate

New York State expected to adopt California’s electric car mandate

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12 thoughts on “New York State expected to adopt California’s electric car mandate

  1. Since investing is forward-looking, this kind of change can have a big impact on our energy future. The writing is on the wall for fossil fuels. They’re profitable now, but demand is going to start going down in the next couple of years, and will only continue to fall for a decade or two until transportation is almost completely decarbonized.

    So who is going to finance a big oil project in the arctic? One that won’t produce until ten years from now? All the hard-to-reach oil is much more likely to stay in the ground once it’s clear that demand simply won’t be there to pay the cost of getting it out.

  2. While I love this mandate theoretically… the state is going to have to step up and further incentivize the change or they’ll get massive push back long-term.

    It’s less about the cost of the car itself. More about the cost of bringing an (or multiple) EV’s into your life as a daily driver.

    NYS has the oldest homes in all of the country on average. I don’t know a single EV owner who lives here that didn’t have to at least upgrade their service in order to support the vehicle.

    The purchase of the charger itself was incentivized here. The $4k to upgrade the panel/service? Not. This is going to be a massive issue for many.

    While we do have chargers in the area, it’s not enough (yet) to support all the families that won’t have at-home charging. Not even close. And telling people to go sit at these chargers because they can’t afford to install one at home for a vehicle they’re mandated to drive… is a tough sell.

    13 years is still a while away. And I get that this is only for new vehicles. But if the state is going to mandate this… they’re going to have to support the publics transition or it’s going to get major push back.

    Hopefully the state recognizes this now and can set aside some cash every year, for the next decade, in order to assist in funding the push.

    That said, I highly doubt it. We have incentives, at all income levels, to upgrade to efficient gas furnaces… but no program that supports families making over $30k a year for home re-insulation, window upgrades, etc.

    Mass does. Mass gets it. My SIL and BIL, who make over $250k a year, had their entire home sealed, and basement ceiling insulated, at 0 cost to them. because their homes age met a certain criteria for energy inefficiency. NYS doesn’t quite have its head on straight with this type of thing.

  3. I’m progressive through and through but EVs need to shrink drastically to really make a difference.

    We also need dedicated bus lanes to move people. It’s myopic to not focus on better pedestrian infrastructure simultaneously.

  4. This isn’t going to work until there are EVs equal in price to entry level ice vehicles without losing range because that is the first thing to get cut when manufacturers lower the price of an ev the battery is reduced in size this doesn’t work for over half of America that drive entry level ice vehicles they don’t have any less range than a luxury or performance ice they just lose other features why don’t ev manufacturers understand this give the working class an ev with 300 miles range but take away everything else that’s premium leave a basic climate control and radio no huge touchscreen , self drive, smart cruise control, Lane keep assist, stability control drop all the extras give us the basics were will buy it

  5. As cost becomes less of a factor and more people seriously considering EVs as their next vehicle purchase, it’s important that our charging infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities adjust in the face of this demand

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