The International CES is one of the biggest consumer electronic shows on the planet. Every year, manufacturers bring their latest goodies, like televisions, phones, and accessories, to Las Vegas to share them with a captive audience of the world’s technology press. In the past few years, auto manufacturers have gotten into the mix. It makes sense, a lot of automotive … [Read more…]

More news from across the pond concerning the 22nd season of everyone’s favorite motoring program; Top Gear! Season 22 is coming soon, and to get us all psyched up for the new episodes, the folks at the BBC have prepared us a video of what The Stig has been up to on his year-long vacation. READ: Top Gear Patagonia Special Review In this short … [Read more…]

What happens when you take a pretty sweet street car that has track credentials, and add Gulf Livery to it? You get one of the coolest cars that you can currently buy today! Yes, the Gulf Livery does make everything better, including the McLaren P1. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) are responsible for this build through their Bespoke program. Being a small builder, if you … [Read more…]


One thing that I’ll never understand about the 2015 Mustang launch is why they’re shipping so late in the year. I’m not sure how well a sports car will sell with snow on the ground. Especially a convertible. But I digress. If you were waiting for the 2015 Mustang in convertible form, you may now rejoice. They are currently being build and delivered to dealerships as we … [Read more…]

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Some of the hottest cars available right now are the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, the Ford Mustang GT, and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. I’m sure we can all agree that each of these cars really aren’t designed to compete with each other. The Z/28 is a track rat, the Mustang is the road and track special, and the Hellcat is a Saturn V rocket with wheels. However, it didn’t stop … [Read more…]

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