Nissan Leaf prices trimmed to suit new plug-in car grant

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4 thoughts on “Nissan Leaf prices trimmed to suit new plug-in car grant”
  1. Good. These government grants are also designed to encourage manufacturers to sell more affordable vehicles, in addition to enticing consumers to buy an EV.

  2. Such things help.
    When the 60k€ limit came in some european countries jaguar and Audi brought entry level models of the iPace (ev300) and etron (50) to meet this. They were like 59.990.
    Assuming tesla will do the same with the model y

  3. Leaf were bloody over priced any way.
    Who the hell was paying 38k when you had Kona and eniro and model 3 for much better value is beyond me.

    Now the gap to the M3 is more reasonable.

  4. Thank god for that, nearly had a fit when I saw the price rise on my salary sacrifice scheme, the quote had jumped from £270 a month to £310

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