‘No one was driving the car’: 2 men dead after fiery Tesla crash in Spring, officials say

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14 thoughts on “‘No one was driving the car’: 2 men dead after fiery Tesla crash in Spring, officials say”
  1. Interesting about the fire department response – might need to provide more training/equipment as electric vehicles become more common

  2. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/tesla-spring-crash-fire/285-c28a4993-5b5f-43f4-a924-e39638390647
    Sounds very odd!

    *“With the physical evidence and the things of that nature on the scene, that night the position of the bodies the trajectory of the impact, they are 100% certain that no one was in the driver seat driving that vehicle at the time of impact. They are positive,” Herman said. “And again, the height from the back seat to the front seat, that would be almost impossible, but again our investigators are trained to handle collisions. Several of our folks are reconstructionist, but they feel very confident just with the positioning of the bodies after the impact that there was no one driving that vehicle.”*

  3. OK after some digging by Omar that street does not have any centre line painted etc and therefore Autopilot couldnt even have bene engaged.

    And if it was it warns the driver and will disable if there is no one in the driver seat.

  4. I know this is Tesla, but does this really have anything to do with electric vehicles? Any car can have driver assist features.

  5. I do wonder why these kind of stunts are done in Tesla’s but not in other brands that have similar systems?

  6. Oh geez. How can the owner NOT know that FSD/autopilot is beta and REQUIRES driver attention and be ready to take over? I know a few Tesla owners; and all of them use autopilot responsibly: the same way I use my Comma AI Open Pilot. There are some sharp curves that my open pilot can not negotiate so I just take over for a few seconds. The car was still in a neighborhood residential area so speed limit couldn’t have been more than 30 mph (probably 20 to 25 mph): ~~I google mapped it (hammock and thornblade) : that curve is a little sharp around that lake~~. My question is: why the 2 men couldn’t get out of the car after the accident? were they unconscious? or the flame engulfed them the moment the car crashed?

    Edit: Elon Musk stated that whatever data Tesla recovered: Autopilot wasn’t enabled.

  7. It took me a while to figure out why we are just hearing about it now, when the crash happened in spring. Spring is a place, not a time.

    Anyway it reminds me of the old joke: What are a redneck’s last words? “Watch this.”

  8. But but the Ford version will be able to avoid this same issue! Curse Tesla for not being able to prevent human stupidity!!! /Notsarcasm

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