not that many electric sedans in the US. why so?

not that many electric sedans in the US. why so?

there have been concepts such as the [Infiniti LE concept](, was even surprised that they thought of wireless charging which the Genesis Electric have today, even infiniti didn’t think of making a EV yet based on the LEAF. although i wish there would be a Toyota corolla electric although we know we aren’t going to get that yet. although the Chevy Equinox EV is a good step ahead. We know that there are a lot of electric sedans in China which is odd that none have crossed the pacific to put for sale even in south america

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10 thoughts on “not that many electric sedans in the US. why so?

  1. Mainly because sedans aren’t hot sellers in the U.S. period. There’s a reason that most companies have basically abandoned their entire sedan lineup and there are rumors that even the semi popular models are getting the axe such as the Kia K5 or Sonata.

    I think we will eventually have more EV sedans but with limited production capability right now they are prioritizing the more popular, higher profit margin crossovers. Next will be 3 row SUV’s and Trucks. Then muscle cars/sports cars/coupes/sedans.

  2. Arguably the Tesla Model 3 is a sedan, and they have sold millions of them. Not cheap, certainly, but undeniably popular with those who can afford them. The SUV body style with the lift gate/hatchback is more popular because it’s better suited for a family, and the rear access makes it extremely convenient for day to day chores. Oh, and my Tesla Model 3 certainly doesn’t have “wompy wheels and brake failures.”

  3. People like ugly suvs and crossovers, gonna drive my IS350 until I have no choice… lexus is allegedly doing an IS EV within the next 3 years but who knows. Model 3 us ugly as shit and the model Y is the Pontiac Aztek of EVs.

  4. If they offered all the features of the Ioniq 5 in the original Ioniq, or the Ioniq 6 was available today, I would have picked it over the Ioniq 5.

    It’s a bit chicken and egg as there aren’t a lot of competitive electric sedans at the moment. So demand looks low, but how can there be demand when there is no supply? The cheapest EV sedan is $27,000 CAD more than what I paid for my Ioniq 5.

    For ICE in North America the downside is hauling stuff in the trunk vs a hatchback. Usually, the sedan isn’t any cheaper so there is little reason to choose a sedan body type. A lifeback is my prefered type, and at one point, in late 2019, I seriously considered getting an Ioniq but the wsitlist was already a year and I ended up ordering a Bolt which only had a 6 month wait until the recall blew that deal up.

  5. Many US buyers frown at the idea of driving a sedan in the same way they frown at minivans and station wagons. It’s a sad state of affairs as we’ve seemingly been relegated to the choice of one body style.

  6. US market loves it SUVs. I think you’ll see that change a bit as sedans start offering superior range. If I was offered an upcoming VW Aero that gets nearly 400 miles or an SUV that eeks out 275, I know which I’m going with.

  7. Because the U.S. is an oil-producing country and has a large number of petrochemical companies, they have a huge stake.

    The fastest growing electric vehicles are in China and Europe because they are short on oil and short on gas.

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