The one thing that I love about working in the automotive journalism industry is being able to actually help people make real-world purchase decisions. It really isn’t about driving cool cars (though, I admit that’s fun). So I like the take the time to answer some questions that I receive. Here’s one of those. Mark wants to know if he should be looking at a loaded Ford … [Read more…]


Let’s take a trip back to 1971… Oh wait, I can’t. I wasn’t alive then. Dodge has been around for a lot longer than that, but their inspiration for the 2015 Dodge Challenger was taken from the 1971. The old new Challenger clung too much onto its past, but the new car brings it into the 21st century (while still looking like a badass car from the 70s). But does the more than … [Read more…]

According to Ford, global demand of SUVs is up 88% since 2008, and utilities will make up 29% of total Ford vehicles sold by 2020. The newly redesigned Ford Edge is part of that equation, but another long-in-the-tooth Ford SUV is about to be refreshed; the Explorer. Ford officially announced today that the next-generation Ford Explorer will appear at the 2014 LA Auto … [Read more…]

Presently, dash cameras are used in practically every police car on the planet. They often begin recording as soon as the lights come on on the car, and can record video and audio of the traffic stop or call. That is all well and good, but what if an agency wants to monitor officers when they’re just out and about? With a system co-developed by Telogis, they can. Monitoring … [Read more…]

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Earlier today, FCA announced that they’ll be splitting Ferrari off as its own separate company. In this split, 10% of Ferrari shares will be available for the public to buy, and the remaining 90% will be split amongst current FCA shareholders. That’s big news in and of itself, and something we’ll go more into in future posts. But the question that currently piques our interest … [Read more…]

When a vehicle is in motion, you really shouldn’t leave it. Yes, there might be a rare case where you need to bail, but in general bailing out of the car is not the most ideal situation. Just ask the unidentified man in Colorado who dropped a lit cigarette down his shirt, jumped from his van, then ran over his own head with the van. Yes, he managed to run over his own … [Read more…]

It’s another year, which means it’s time for another Consumer Reports annual reliability survey. Whether or not you agree with the results, the folks at CR do make a valid point. Much of the satisfaction of the overall vehicle comes from the satisfaction of the infotainment system. Infotainment systems are the components of the car that received the lowest scores in reliability … [Read more…]

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