OMG! I just reserved a Kia EV6 GT. 585hp Monster

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3 thoughts on “OMG! I just reserved a Kia EV6 GT. 585hp Monster”
  1. This car seems to be very well-built, excellent performance for what it is, very good range. I have reserved this car and I really prefer this over the ID.4 or any other EVs. Kia has been building cars for decades from cycles and this car seems to be very well built. I certainly also don’t trust VW after their shameful scandal few years ago, now they want to become “green” (my opinion, no offence). I also like that this car is actually like a car with some needed buttons instead of being fully digital like Tesla or swipe functions like VW ID.4. This car actually follows the car culture more than others and really surprised that Kia did this.

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