Out of Spec installing their own 360kW charging station

Out of Spec installing their own 360kW charging station


I know a lot of people have negative feelings about Kyle and OoS.

But I don’t anyone else that is going through the trouble of installing their own DCFC just to do repeatable, reliable charge testing.

Kudos to them.


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27 thoughts on “Out of Spec installing their own 360kW charging station

  1. My biggest gripe was how much he would interrupt/over talk Alyssa. I think he’s gotten better, people tore into him in the Yotube comments.

    But a few of the European road trips, you could only feel sorry for her being in the car for hours and he only wants to hear himself talk.

    Edit – oh yea condescending too… complete ass one time (if I remember correctly) asking her if she knew how to start a Porsche.

  2. > I know a lot of people have negative feelings about Kyle and OoS.

    Really, why? His content is a bit long for my taste, but I thought he is a fair reviewer and I usually skip through half of his videos to directly go to the points which I’m interested in. Is there anything else I’m missing?

  3. I’ve only watched one episode and found him to be long-winded, a bit smug, and not terribly insightful. I’ve got better things to do with my time than watch someone try to stretch 10 minutes of content into a 70 minute video.

  4. My issue with Kyle centers mostly around his lack of self awareness in regards to budget. Most people are not near as well off financially as him and many times he seems oblivious to that. Take his Mach-E vs Model Y comparison’s. He seems to forget that the Model Y starts out at ~50% more money than the Mach-E. Sure the Y has some benefits but that is a huge price difference.

  5. I went from liking Kyle’s reviews to not being able to watch it. His relationship with his wife is odd. He would purchase a new EV, one usually difficult to find but complain about what needs to be changed (did this both with the Rivian and the Plaid). It just comes off extremely immature.

    I also found that he was just baking five-ten minute videos to be three times that to include extra ads(I get the game, but still frustrating as a viewer)

  6. >I know a lot of people have negative feelings about Kyle and OoS.

    Could I know what the negatives feeling are. I am not from US and my country is far from having any sort of mainstream EV adoption even then I like watching Kyle’s content, everything from Road trips to range tests, I would really like to know what the negatives are.

  7. I’m new to the EV community and only started watching Kyle and OoS last month. He’s awesome and such a resource of information for newbies such as myself. His dad’s channel is pretty fun to watch as well.

    Highly recommend his channels for EV newbies.

    Edit added: Yes he geeks out hardcore sometimes and I have zero idea what he’s talking about but it’s fun to see his enthusiasm for the tech and innovations.

  8. Installing and documenting their own DCFC install would be a YouTube first. There’s surprisingly very little videos showing installation of DC fast chargers or even AC chargers.

    There also aren’t many videos or info online that goes into technical details about DC fast chargers like stating the amp and voltage limits. Most video or info I can find online just sticks to kW and doesn’t look at the datasheets for the chargers.

  9. That shows some serious dedication to the cause. I don’t think a single review publication has done this, maybe 50 kW, but not 360 (!) . I kinda wonder if some of these Youtubers will eclipse traditional auto journalists once EVs gain more market share in the coming years.

  10. Better spend time watching something else. His videos are mediocre at best. Wasted time on his senseless blah blah blah. To top it off he introduced his wife in his videos who clearly seems totally disinterested and many times has no clue what the heck he is blabbing about.

    First he goes and buys a Tesla Model 3 and shoots nonsense run around videos. Then he sells that to buy an Audi and in matter of weeks buys a Rivian and in only a month buys a fully loaded Tesla Model S Plaid. Yeah right. He barely has space in his driveway to fit one car.

    If buying car after car to gain subscribers is his plan… well it’s clearly not working. His videos are a total waste of time. YouTube should start some AI leveraged moderation to deter such folks from uploading stupid talk videos.

  11. People get pissed he’s an influencer, that gets influencer benefits.

    That is all /s and that’s the way this world thinks unfortunately, everyone’s entitled to other peoples benefits even tho they do nothing to deserve said benefits in their position

  12. Genuinely curious, what negative feelings do people have towards Kyle and Out of Spec?

    I know that he isn’t a true EV convert (yet) since he’s a traditional car guy and is still somewhat on the fence about EVs.

  13. Does anyone else think Out of Spec Studios is spreading themselves too thin?

    Kyle [recently discussed](https://youtu.be/Mt4ATc4VaYc?t=1701) that he’s planning on opening up an office in Germany and then China to produce videos. I think this fast expansion has a high chance to reduce video quality.

    Personally, I think the primary Out of Spec channel should keep a US focus because so few EVs available internationally are sold in the US. Right now, the EV market is very geographically segregated.

  14. He’s made many promises to do things but often times never follows through with them. He’s ADHD so it’s always on to the next thing with him. I’ll believe they are getting a DCFC when I see signs it’s actually being built. I also don’t understand where he’s getting all the money for this stuff, unless a lot of it is coming from his dad. His YouTube doesn’t seem that popular to fund all the EVs and chargers he’s buying by itself.

    I hope they can make it happen so he sees how difficult it is to build, do charge curves on all EV’s they test, and I hope it breaks so he learns what it’s like to repair and how long it takes.

  15. How do you pull 360kW off of the grid in a residential area? That’s more than 7 times what a standard 200 amp panel can theoretically pull. In practice my house rarely draws more than 10kW. Seems like it would dim the lights in the whole neighborhood.

    Am I missing something about how DC watts are calculated?

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