Perpetual motion machines date back to the middle ages. There have been thousands of scientists and engineers that have wanted to generate free energy through this technology. The main question is, does it work?

Terms like overunity and perpetual motion have been thrown around for centuries, but there are many people who just don’t believe that it is possible to create free energy using magnets. Decades ago the ideas that generating energy from solar panels seemed the work of science fiction and that in turn has turned into science fact, so why has magnetic energy got such a bad reputation.

Magnetic Energy – Only Good for Domestic Applications

The main reason is that magnetic energy is not viable for large scale development. There are few people, other than the end consumer that would benefit if this technology became common place. The upsurge in interest recently is as a result of the easy access to information through the internet.

Free Energy Generators – The Patents – The Facts

Before the internet, magnetic energy was being created, but was not being advertised. In 1900 Nikolas Tesla released information on his tesla coil. Doing a quick online search, there are multiple videos explaining and demonstrating how the tesla coil works. From the 1940’s onwards Howard Robert Johnson developed a permanent magnet motor for which he received a US patent, US4151431[2], on April 24, 1979.

On December 20 of 1977, Emil T. Hartman received U.S. Patent 4,215,330 titled “Permanent magnet propulsion system” and in 1979, Howard R. Johnson receives U.S. Patent 4,151,431 which is titled “Permanent magnet motor”.

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Since 1990 there have been a variety of devices produced, but with the growing interest in free energy by the worlds population and the easy access to information on the internet, free energy generators are now becoming more accessible to the average man. For the skeptic out there, the only real way to know if this technology exists is to try it for yourself.

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