Personally checked 21 DCFC ports in Charlotte, NC. 10/21 either didn’t work or had degraded performance. Terrible.

Personally checked 21 DCFC ports in Charlotte, NC. 10/21 either didn’t work or had degraded performance. Terrible.

Personally checked 21 DCFC ports in Charlotte, NC. 10/21 either didn’t work or had degraded performance. Terrible.

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20 thoughts on “Personally checked 21 DCFC ports in Charlotte, NC. 10/21 either didn’t work or had degraded performance. Terrible.

  1. Glad that people are doing the work and getting word out.

    THAT is what will get these crappy companies to do better.

    BTW, We need much better equipment. It has been cobbled together parts. We need mass manufactured chargers with good QA standards.

  2. Gas stations here in LA are inspected regularly so that the pumps are accurate. Maybe they need to start running checks on these charging stations and fining companies that aren’t keeping them to standard.

  3. Posts like this make me wonder if it would be economical to buy a charger franchise for an area, charge a little more than usual (ha ha, pun not intended), and actually maintain them.

    There are people all over the place with six figures of cash burning a hole in their pocket who decide to go buy a franchise and run it. Whenever there’s a new McDonald’s or whatever, odds are it’s a local small businessman. A quick google shows that there are charger franchise opportunities out there. I wonder what the investment cost would be. Seems like you’d be able to size it to where it wouldn’t be more expensive than running a restaurant, and having an electrician on call isn’t going to be that much more expensive than having a staff of cooks etc.

    Or would it be like gas stations, and competition will cause margins to drop super thin?

    I know people who are landlords as their side gig. Running a charging station as a side gig seems like a slam dunk for someone who is already an electrician.

  4. Given many DCFC get one form of government subsidy, incentive, tax credit, etc or another.. it makes even more sense that the government periodically inspect to see that the things work!

  5. the 50kW chargers are old as hell. Some of them don’t work. They are also too slow. They can’t even reach higher than 33kW in reality.

    I haven’t seen a 100-350kW EVgo charger that hasn’t worked.

  6. A lot of those BTC Power L3R 50 kW units are failing and should be replaced. On top of that, they usually* can only output a paltry 125 A at up to 500 V — totally inadequate for today’s EVs.

    * The second generation of L3R can output 125 A, the first gen only output 100 A.

  7. I’m sorry, ever post like this just gives my gas loving friends more evidence that EVs will never work. “This car won’t get any faster charge because the state of charge my car is at.” What has he proven?

  8. Narrative in this sub has shifted from “competition is good, we’ll get better solutions” to “put these companies on blast, we’ll get better solutions!” and it’s been hilarious to watch as someone who said 2 years ago none of these companies would deliver.

  9. There are a number of factors that have lead to this, and it is not uncommon with new product or technology rollouts.

    DCFC are not really simple systems, these are essentially first generation products that sit in the environment, get operated by the public, and require secure communication to remain active. Not to mention the rush to get product out the door, to capture a lot of greenwash cash from governments and businesses wanting to “look” green. Organizations that were then sold products they did not understand and did know how to appropriately vet. Some smaller manufacturers were startups with no experience in prodicizing anything and basically delivered beta products as goods, to keep their “numbers” up. No field support staff, etc…

    In reality it is about 1/3 due to improper business practices, 1/3 typical tech challenges, 1/3 market pressure.

  10. That sucks for most Hyundai/Kia/BMW/volvo, etc that include 1 or 2 years of complimentary fast charging when you purchase one of their Evs. Imagine thinking you’re getting a great deal on the free quick charge but can’t find a charger that works or that can actually fast charge…

  11. I’d be carrying around a small stack of post-it notes to stick on the charger to save some time for others.

    Just stick a basic “Not working – 09/04/22 6pm – Bolt EV” next to the screen. When someone does get it working they’ll just remove the note. Pretty much an offline plugshare since I imagine most people wont be checking plugshare, shouldn’t ever have to.

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