PG&E just tries to suck us all dry. EV2 plan.

PG&E just tries to suck us all dry. EV2 plan.

PG&E just tries to suck us all dry. EV2 plan.

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29 thoughts on “PG&E just tries to suck us all dry. EV2 plan.

  1. Meanwhile my average household consumption price is between €0.50 and €0.70 per kWh depending on the weather and a public charger is fixed rate at €0.38 per kWh. Weird prices all over the place. Greetings from Europe!

  2. Hi from next door in AZ.. Off-peak is $0.054 on my plan.
    On-peak is $0.124 -but- your highest usage on-peak hour is $16.87 kWh (typically 2kWh/mo for me). Definitely don’t want to charge from 4-7 on weekdays.

  3. No doubt the price per kWh is high compared to some states and there are many factors at play, but big picture, what is the cost of the average power bill?

    I used to live somewhere with electricity that was $0.08/kWh and I had power bills between $100 and $400/month, depending on the time of year.

    Now, I pay these outrageous CA rates and have bills that are around $100/month year round. Oh and I’ve added two EVs since then, so an even better comparison is to add my gas budget to those $100 to $400 bills also.

    When you use as little energy as we do here, but you still need all of the infrastructure, the price per unit goes up.

  4. Damn thats expensive! Here in Quebec (Canada) for residential its 0.06$/kWh for the first 40kw per day (calculated by period) and then its something like 0.0975$/kWh, and if i remember right our grid is 100$ renewable energy (hydroquebec) i think the few exception still run to natural gas but its like 1% or less and/or few times a year in winter high peaks, i really consider us lucky for that

  5. PGE EV plans are a downright scam, they would cost me about $600 more per year than the regular TOU plan, but their prices overall are just insane, the estimated breakeven period on my solar panels is ~3 years it’s crazy.

  6. I found the EV plans were more expensive than just ToU. Then again, I have 7kW solar on the house. Not sure how that changes the rates.

    So far this calendar year we paid $60 a month to charge two EVs, run a hot tub, AC and a 2200 sq ft house. My wife works at home most days, so we have the AC running during the day on hot days.

    I’m in the SF Bay Area, so I’m on PG&E.

    Yikes i just found the rate chart. My cheapest rate is 24 cents/kWh for electricity I have to buy from them. Good thing I don’t have to buy much. I gotta say, they sure bury this info on the website. I had to do a Google search to find it.

  7. Yep, we spent over $50k on solar to be net-zero, then they changed our “grandfathered” plan so we owned $2k/yr with same usage. Instead of paying another $10-20k for more solar, we moved where it’s cheap. Suck it PG&E.

  8. Off peak is midnight to 3pm, no? That’s most of the day at the cheapest rate. The grid is struggling in the summer at peak because of ACs. Best for all of us to not charge batteries then.

    Also winter is coming! And rates will go down.

  9. Didn’t PG&E offer a plan where you pay a small monthly fee (around $15) and they give you 7 cent super off peak power? I read about it and was thinking it was a perfect opportunity to charge a home battery and run off the stored energy in the daytime.

  10. Don’t blame PG&E. While they are part of the problem the real problem is in Sacramento with the politicians who decided to block or severely curtail types of power generation.

    you can damn well bet these same politicians don’t set their thermostat to 78! however Californian’s voted for these people time and time again so they are just paying for that decision.

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