PHEVs are no longer a no-brainer vs. hybrids

PHEVs are no longer a no-brainer vs. hybrids

PHEVs are no longer a no-brainer vs. hybrids

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7 thoughts on “PHEVs are no longer a no-brainer vs. hybrids

  1. “The revamped credit under IRA, called the Clean Vehicle Credit, only applies to plug-in hybrids and EVs that are American-made. And with the exception of a handful of PHEVs from Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, and Lincoln, plus a few more select models from Audi, BMW, and Volvo, EV tax credit eligibility has been drastically cut.”

    In other words, reducing EV tax credits may be pushing people back to more affordable gas-dependent cars.

  2. I’ll look at the RAV4 Prime vs Hybrid as a thought experiment. My area, base MSRP, EPA highway ratings for my commute.

    Hybrid – 29k MSRP, 38mpg highway
    @2.6gal per 100mi and 6.26/gal in my area, that 100miles is costing me $16.25.

    PHEV – 39k MSRP, @36kWh per 100mi and .25/kWh, that 100 mi is costing me $9 if the range of my normal daily driving is within the 42mi of all-electric claimed range. That is a $7.25 per 100 miles difference.

    I drive about 15k per year, therefore my fuel savings per year in the PHEV Rav will be $1087 with those numbers.

    It will take approximately 9.19 years of driving to recoup the premium for the PHEV if there are no subsidies. If I have solar already, then cut that ROI in half, but obviously solar arrays are not free. The premium experience of all-electric driving and reduced maintenance on the ICE system may make the premium worth it for many. It is very much a personal decision at that point. IMO, the PHEV is the more durable good and if you plan to keep it for a long time, the premium will pay for itself eventually, but it won’t be the cut and dry situation for everyone. I personally didn’t want the few PHEV offerings that met my range requirements; if there were more options that got 50 highway miles between charges, I might have opted for one of them instead of my Bolt.

  3. Our PHEV cut fuel usage by 75%, yes and EV would be 100% but that’s a solid start. We can get 30-32 miles in EV and that’s enough to make some days zero gas. Some people are happy their new car gets 4 mpg better then their old car, our old car get 26 and the phev gets over 110mpg per tank.

    Some phev’s aren’t that good though. Subaru and jeep come to mind, I think both have under a 20 mile range and when driving on gas get about the same mileage as the plain gas version that costs $10k less.

  4. Most days are on electric for us since our daily driving is often under 30 miles. It works out pretty well. We have a Pacifica and currently just charge with the 120v outlet.

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