Porsche Boss Faces Software Woes Keeping VW a Step Behind Tesla

Porsche Boss Faces Software Woes Keeping VW a Step Behind Tesla


Porsche Boss Faces Software Woes Keeping VW a Step Behind Tesla

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15 thoughts on “Porsche Boss Faces Software Woes Keeping VW a Step Behind Tesla

  1. >For owners to gain the ability to get over-the-air updates of certain features — some of which may be safety-critical — VW is requiring many to drop their EV off for a day at the dealership. Infotainment systems reliant on software described as incomplete are making their way to more models, threatening VW’s position in sales and quality rankings.

    I seem to recall when the ID3 and ID4 were coming, fans laughed at Teslas “supposed dominance” in software and went on about how VW would have no trouble matching the significance and regularity of their updates telling everyone how it wasn’t a big deal to do… LOL.

    As always with these events, imagine if it were the other way around and Tesla was struggling to get even a single working OTA update out – this sub would be in meltdown with Elon-hate…

  2. VW CEO ousted over buggy EV software: phantom braking, child locks trapping users, screens going blank, 12V batteries which die during wireless updates.

    When I said only software-centric startups would challenge Tesla, I meant neural nets, not classic software 😀

  3. I’ve owned German cars for the past 30 years and Audi exclusively for the past 17. It pains me to see the VW group drop the ball this badly. I have faith they (VW) will get their shit together and sort out this software mess over the next 3 – 5 years.

    It could be terribly misguided faith lol but I am keeping the faith. 🙂

  4. The first step VW needs is to quit following and start leading.

    Where will car control go? Certainly not to ’50s tech.

    Cars will need less control and controls will be simpler. But that means much smarter cars. Start button is a total fail. Voice control is a win when it works. Auto turn signal when entering a turn lane, trip planning so charging/eating/etc coordinate once preferences are set (minimum time, fewest stops, etc.), auto park (needs more work IMO), summon from park, to name a few.

    Tesla is trying, but fails in some simple things like radio volume ramping up with ambient noise and auto park. So they can be surpassed.

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