Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 05, 2022

Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 05, 2022


Need help choosing an EV? Have something to say that doesn’t quite work as its own post? Vehicle recommendation requests, buying experiences, random thoughts, and questions on financing are all fair game here.

# Is an EV right for me?

Generally speaking, electric vehicles imply a larger upfront cost than a traditional vehicle, but will pay off over time as your consumables cost (electricity instead of fuel) can be anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 the cost. Calculators are available to help you estimate cost — here are some we recommend:

* [https://www.chargevc.org/ev-calculator/](https://www.chargevc.org/ev-calculator/)
* [https://chooseev.com/savings-calculator/](https://chooseev.com/savings-calculator/)
* [https://electricvehicles.bchydro.com/learn/fuel-savings-calculator](https://electricvehicles.bchydro.com/learn/fuel-savings-calculator)
* [https://chargehub.com/en/calculator.html](https://chargehub.com/en/calculator.html)

# Are you looking for advice on which EV to buy or lease?

*First, see if you match any of these cases we see most commonly:*

**Located in USA/Canada, budget of \~$50K, looking for a Crossover/SUV BEV:**

* Hyundai Ioniq 5
* Kia EV6
* Volkswagen ID.4
* Ford Mustang Mach-E

**Located in USA/Canada, budget of \~$50K, looking for a Crossover/SUV PHEV:**

* Toyota RAV4 Prime
* Hyundai Tucson PHEV
* Kia Sorento PHEV

**Located in USA/Canada,** **budget of \~$35K:**

* Kia Niro EV
* Hyundai Kona EV
* Chevy Bolt / Bolt EUV
* Nissan Leaf

**Located in Europe, budget of \~€/£30K, looking for a hatchback:**

* [Peugeot e-208](https://ev-database.org/car/1583/Peugeot-e-208)
* [MG ZS](https://ev-database.org/car/1540/MG-ZS-EV-Standard-Range)
* [Renault Zoe](https://ev-database.org/car/1236/Renault-Zoe-ZE40-R110)
* [Renault Megane E-Tech](https://ev-database.org/car/1536/Renault-Megane-E-Tech-EV40-130hp)

**Don’t fit the above patterns?** Tell us a bit more about you and your situation, and make sure your comment includes the following information:

>\[1\] Your general location
>\[2\] Your budget in $, €, or £
>\[3\] The type of vehicle you’d prefer
>\[4\] Which cars have you been looking at already?
>\[5\] Estimated timeframe of your purchase
>\[6\] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage
>\[7\] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?
>\[8\] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?
>\[9\] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?

Read it Too  CA heatwave - Car Charger showing 125 degrees in my garage 😳

*If you are more than a year off from a purchase, please refrain from posting, as we currently cannot predict what the markets and choices will be at that time.*

# Check the Wiki first.

Don’t forget, our Wiki contains a wealth of information for owners and potential owners, including:

* [EV Databases](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/evreleases)
* [Dealer Markup Tracking](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/dealermarkuptracker)
* [General Resources](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/resources)

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31 thoughts on “Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 05, 2022

  1. [1] I’m moving back to North Conway, New Hampshire in about 2 years or less

    [2] Likely around $50k or less

    [3] Any kind that would work in the area (new car owner). I don’t have kids or anything, and I don’t haul a lot of stuff usually, but I don’t know if a bigger car would work better in the snow? Also, the average lowest temperature it gets to around here is around 10°F

    [4] Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, and the Hyundai ICONIC 5

    [5] Around 2 years

    [6] Daily commute will be about 4 miles, with maybe 1-2 days being around 60 miles.

    [7] Apartment

    [8] I would if I could, but I can’t. I do have chargers at my work however

    [9] No children or pets. Would probably just drive around friends, and maybe my ebike, that’s all

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. [1] Your general location


    [2] Your budget in $, €, or £

    30000 €

    [3] The type of vehicle you’d prefer

    nothing in particular, not too big maybe

    [4] Which cars have you been looking at already?

    Zoe, Niro, Peugeot E-208

    [5] Estimated timeframe of your purchase
    Very soon

    [6] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage


    [7] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?
    single-family home

    [8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?


    [9] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?

    No children, one other passenger

  3. [1] Your general location:

    Mainly Denver, CO. With several road trips to southern CO, NM, TX, and who knows where else.

    [2] Your budget in $, €, or £:

    Preferably <$70k, ideally closer to $60k and below.

    [3] The type of vehicle you’d prefer:

    We’d need at minimum a compact SUV of some sort due to having 1 baby, 2+ eventually, and 2 100lb dogs.
    We like the idea of an all electric with the idea of us having a family cabin that we frequent that has multiple solar panels and the wiring for a 240 plug that was recently put in for an RV my parents bought.

    [4] Which cars have you been looking at already?

    We’ve seen the ID 4, XC40, Mach-E, and attempted to see an Ionic 5 and Toyota’s BZ4X/what would be the Solterra on Subaru’s side, to no avail as the dealerships we went to said they didn’t have any with the limited few days I have off for looking.

    [5] Estimated timeframe of your purchase:

    Anywhere up to 1 year due to availability and not inherent need right now, but several dealerships said we might see some by spring to early summer if we reserve now.

    [6] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage:

    Daily commute is 15 miles both ways with heavy traffic going to work and very light traffic coming back. (I work nights)

    [7] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?

    We are currently renting a house.
    Family cabin that we visit at least once monthly is ~280 miles away

    [8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?

    Cannot install at our main place of residence due to renting, already have cabling set up and ready to go at cabin.

    [9] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?

    We have 1 baby and two 100lb dogs that will likely be with us on regular road trips and driving around town to places like dog parks and such. Ideally having the dogs in the trunk as they like to get dirty and shed a lot of hair that we’d like to keep limited away from the rest of the nice new vehicle when we do use it.

    We still have a Subaru Outback that we can use for these things if needed, but just seeing what difference this makes from a vehicle standpoint.

  4. Curious about buying a corolla hybrid or an ev when my current 2005 Toyota Corolla dies (going strong so far). I want something reliable for years and electric. I care very little about much else (as long as suspension and comfort isn’t ATROCIOUS).

    Live in a hot climate(Puerto Rico) so I’d prefer a vehicle good at keeping it cool inside. Don’t drive much. Would prefer something similar to the car I already have but Toyota is being too slow EV manufacturing-wise. I can charge at home.

  5. I’m just now loojing into EV’s and I really want my next car to be one. More just a general question than specific advice for now, but why are so many EV’s SUV’s. I feel like I don’t. See many sedans or low profile cars. Wouldn’t they get better range do to less wind resistance?

  6. I reeeaaaly want a small or mid sized AWD EV but am despairing about how they all look the same and that same is boring and just like ICEs. I want something new and cool and futuristic. I would buy a Canoo if they were producing. I just can’t justify the headache of dealing with waitlists and dealer markups for a car I am settling on.

  7. [1] Your general location
    Austin, TX, USA

    [2] Your budget in $, €, or £
    20-50K USS

    [3] The type of vehicle you’d prefer
    Electric SUV

    [4] Which cars have you been looking at already?
    Kia EV6

    [5] Estimated timeframe of your purchase
    In the next 3-6 months

    [6] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage
    I work from home so usually less than 50 miles a week

    [7] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?
    Apartment, second floor

    [8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?
    No, I’m in an apartment complex

    [9] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?
    I have one older dog who loves car rides

    I’m only 5 foot 2 and sometimes I do long drives here and there. I’m transitioning from a 2012 Honda Civic hybrid. I’d also love some idea of how expensive it is to insure these cars or any other alternatives.

  8. I’m not sure if this is the correct thread, but have a question on how to determine if a 2023 vehicle will qualify for the federal tax rebate vs a yr 2022. If I purchase an Audi Q5 PHEV 2023 vs a 2022, is there any reason it wouldn’t qualify if built/finished manufacturing in N. America? Presuming I purchase and take delivery of vehicle prior to Dec 31 2022.

  9. [1] Your general location – Greater Boston[2] Your budget in $, €, or £ – $40000[3] The type of vehicle you’d prefer – SUV/Compact SUV[4] Which cars have you been looking at already? – ID4, Blazer EV, Equinox EV, Mach E[5] Estimated timeframe of your purchase – 12-18 months[6] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage – work is about 50 miles away but I am remote for now. Most of my daily commute is dropping off my child at school, grocery shopping or errands in the area (probably about 10-20 miles)[7] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home? SFH[8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home? Very likely[9] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets? I child, 1 pet.


    I am torn on which EVs to “focus” on as likely purchase. My 10 year old ICE is on its last legs and will probably croak any day now or hit me with another large repair bill. I am very interested in an EV as my next vehicle purchase.

    I would say in order of priority, I am most sensitive to the following:

    1. Price
    2. AWD (RWD with winter tires may a suitable replacement)
    3. Leather seats (i dont wanna do cloth anymore)
    4. Leg room/space for driver and passenger seat (in case my wife is driving). I am 6′ 2″ and also have a disability so need space to be able to stretch my legs to avoid causing pain and making my daily life worse

    If money was no objection within reason ie approx 45-50k (and assuming they were readily available), I would be looking at the following cars (lower trims to fit into no objection budget above):

    1. Ford Mach E
    2. Blazer EV
    3. VW ID.4
    4. Equinox EV
    5. Polestar 2

    Of course the above is a tall dream.

    I just test drove the ID.4 (2021 Pro S RWD)last week and I liked it but felt a bit underwhelmed. The other issue I have is some of the features I want are only available in higher trims eg i want the leather seats and would love the panoramic sun roof for the ID.4 but its only available in the 46K trim. If I am spending 46K should i then go for the Mach E which would be my ideal number 1? The diffenrece between the new smaller batter ID.4 (ie base trim) and the Mach E would then be close to 10K! which i dont think i can stomach. Which then brings me to I dont really want to spend 46K

    So many decisions. Another layer of decision is that we may hit the 300k max income limit in 2023 due to either a promotion or raises at work (bit i think the wording is that we can use one of two years – if accurate we may be fine) which put some pressure to buy next year rather than wait (esp with ICE vehicle on its last legs). Of course the tax credits are also a consideration (depending on which vehicles qualify after IRS guidance on batteries.)


    Sorry for the long wall of text

  10. Have been in contact with a dealership in Portland, Or over the past 2 days about buying a Mach E. They are actually charging $10,000 over MSRP I am just dumbfounded but I guess I shouldn’t be because I heard that Mercedes is absolutely raping their customers in the thousands of dollars over MSRP on their new EV’s. Buyer be ware.

  11. So we hear alot about broken EA chargers and poor experience in general, but we don’t hear anything about DC fast chargers in Europe.

    Is that because they actually have function charging networks over there?

  12. Only partially electric related but figured this is a good place to learn of any major hybrid car issues

    ******Debating if I should spend more money on an OLDER HYBRID vehicle (any type as long as it’s reliable and bigger than a sedan) VS a newer (GAS) Toyota or Honda******

    *need an suv that will be reliable and fuel efficient (preferably a hybrid)
    *kind of urgently so advise on any anything to stay away from?

    *We have a hybrid 2018 Sonata which we clearly didn’t do enough research on because it’s currently getting the entire engine replaced which is a major issue with Hyundai cars around those yrs

    *We needed a bigger car anyway because we have 2 toddlers and need to get around while my partner is at work.

    We were thinking of going for a (regular gas) 2015 rav4 Le for 18k (CAD) or 2013 Honda crv for 14 k BUT I can’t help think if we spent an extra 8k we could get an older hybrid but idk how good of an idea that is because we JUST bought a house and our money is very tight

    Is there any Hybrids older that 2013 that are worth it and reliable?

    Pls don’t be a jerk because I know nothing about this


  13. Never used an EV but wanted to buy a used one on autotrader that’s budget friendly (UK). I don’t drive much, about 15 miles per month, and currently run an old Toyota Avensis Petrol 2007.

    Some budget friendly ones I’ve seen were a lot of Nissan Leafs (2015-2018) but had concerns about the following:
    – not sure how reliable a Nissan car is, never used them, though EV might be different.
    – are there increased risks / dangers of using EVs? What should I generally know about them besides keeping tabs on battery?
    – any other budget friendly reliable EVs to recommend me?
    – I’m aiming to go as eco friendly as possible, I read hybrids can fully run on electric too (think the plug in ones), any recommendations on that front too?
    – Something that’ll keep me going for 6-8 years

  14. Hi,

    Locates in Belgium, Europe and have the chance to lease a car through my work. I’ve brought down my options to the following cars: the Mercedes EQA 250+ Business Line, the Volvo C40 Ultimate and the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

    Visually, I prefer the Volvo first and the Hyundai second.
    However, the insides the Mercedes looks best with that huge beautiful display, while the Hyundai has a cheap looking display imo.

    Also, the Volvo and Mercedes I can both max out on packages and still stay in budget.

    It seems that the Mercedes is the best deal, but the reviews are not that great and it also doesn’t include a ceiling window. No commuting really, and if so it’s 50km, simply groceries and occasional trips to parents/friends.

  15. Located in northeast United States. 45 mile daily commute, mostly back roads. Looking at used EVs in the <$20k range.

    I live in a house and plan to install a charger.

    I don’t care about style or size but figure it’ll be small.

    This will be a commuter car I’m just looking for advice on if the cars with 80-100 mile range will still be okay in colder months on back roads, some hills.

    The current front runner is a 2016 Nissan Leaf.

    Purchasing very soon.

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  16. Hey all! So post IRA, I’m definitely leaning toward a 2023 Bolt or Bolt EUV because nothing else makes economical sense for me after the tax credit. My current car ain’t great but is servicable so I’m not in a must-buy-now situation, but I would prefer to upgrade sooner rather than later and I absolutely want an EV at this point.

    I’m having difficulty figuring out how I can even buy one at this point though. Almost every dealership around me has a waitlist for orders. Would my best route be to get on literally every waitlist I can that has a refundable deposit, casting a wide enough net to guarantee I can get one early next year?

  17. Hi everyone!

    My company gave me a Budget for a lease car and I want to go electric, the only cars in my Budget (and the VAG group) are the ID.3 and the Born, they basically cost the same but with the Born I can get a heat pump and still fit within the Budget. (For some reason the ID.3 with pump it a bit more expensive)

    Does a heat pump even matter? I live in the Netherlands and the coldest it got last year was -9.5 (previous year it was only -2.4 climate change is destroying our winters)

    How much range does it add?

    I’ve done some research and the real world range of a Born is about 350km at 100kmp (max speed in my country) I’m an extremely economical driver and can even outrange the factory spec on my vw polo by 200 kilometers.

  18. Currently driving a 2-door coupe and looking very seriously at the BMW i4. Are there other cars in that category I should know about? It seems like there’s a lot on either side (Bolt EV on the lower cost side, Mercedes EQS on the expensive side) but nothing else here. The BMW offers 280 miles which feels low, but is on par with my gas Mercedes.

    I’m looking to avoid Tesla.


    $50 – $90k range

    Within the next 6 months

    No set commute, but I’m in Los Angeles so anywhere from 10 to 50 miles.

    Charging is not an issue, my apartment complex has Charge Point chargers available.

  19. So all these EVs don’t have battery materials sources in America so we should expect the tax credits to be only half of the 7500?

    Also what kind of reservation fees are you seeing for the bolt EUV for a custom order? Was thinking I may reserve one at some point this year in preparation for delivery next year.

  20. Does anyone know a site that breaks down states’ power generation by time of day? I just got an EV and was wondering if at night (not peak hours but probably not of renewables here in NC) vs during the day would be better to charge it.

  21. I’m sure that this is just a standard purchasing question that applies to regular and EV cars; but when it comes to financing the purchase of the car, which option is the best route to take to finance a car that will likely cost between 75k to 80k?

    1 ) Directly finance with the Dealership

    2 ) Finance with some lending company that specializes in these type of loans

    3 ) Finance through my bank

    I assume that financing through the Dealership is the worst option. Is there any scenario where it would be advantageous to finance through the Dealership?

    I’m slowly getting to the point where I have figured out which EV I will get and Dealerships are emailing me back. But I figure that getting the financing part in place and ready to go would be the more prudent next step to follow.

    Any recommendations and suggestions would be appreciated.

  22. I am in the very early stages of purchasing an EV car (USA) and I’m trying to list out ALL my potential options in the $40k-$60k USD range. Am I missing any cars? (No trucks).

    Car | Estimated Starting Cost
    Kia EV6 | $41,000
    Volkswagen ID.4 | $41,300
    Toyota BZ4X | $42,000
    Ford Mustange Mach E | $44,000
    Hyundai IONICQ5 | $44,000
    Tesla Model 3 SR | $47,000
    Polestar 2 | $48,400
    Audi Q4 e-tron | $49,900
    Volvo XC40 | $51,700
    BMW i4 | $55,400

  23. [1] Canada, East Coast

    [2] $17-20k CAN

    [3] Hatchback, station wagon, compact SUV – something with cargo room

    [4] 2017 Ford CMax, 2016-17 Chev Volt, 2018 Toyota Prius Prime, 2018 Chev Spark EV

    [5] Purchase in the next 2 years

    [6] Difficulty – 250km round trip commute 3-4 times a week. Highway.

    [7] House

    [8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home? Yes

    [9] Need space for tall adults and cargo

    If you are more than a year off from a purchase, please refrain from posting, as we currently cannot predict what the markets and choices will be at that time.

  24. Location: Canada

    Budget: under 60,00CAD

    Timeframe: within the next year

    Commute: live ruraly on an acreage, lots of highway, but plenty of city driving when we load up in town. Currently WFH so no commute.

    Looking for an SUV type vehicle that can fit 3 car seats in the second row and has a large enough trunk space for 2 large dogs (preferably something with a 3rd row that can be folded down)

    I would prefer a full EV, but I’m not sure anything exists at this point, so PHEV would be choice #2 and regular hybrid #3.

    I have looked at an f150 powerboost as a possible option but 100k is a bit out of budget.

    Currently I’m looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and the Ford Explorer Hybrid. Research on fitting carseats 3 wide has only been fruitful on the Explorer (I have been unable to find info on current body styles of the other 2). We are 3+ hours away from the nearest city center, and the closest small city to us does not have any of the Hyundai or Toyota vehicles on the lot to look at.
    Does anyone have any experience with fitting 3 across in the vehicles listed, or any other vehicle options we should be looking at?

    Edit: for clarification on highway driving. Nearest town is roughly 10 miles from me, nearest city is 70 miles. We drive to the city every 3 weeks to load up at Costco Walmart, etc.
    We rarely drive up to the major metro area, and we would probably just take out minivan as it would push the range limit on all EVs

  25. Hi all. I’m currently in a situation where I need to look for a new/used car. My TDI needs work done to it that almost equals the value of the car… so 5K worth of fixes not including the 1-2K I put into it before knowing these needed fixes which is why I’m looking. Love the car and want to run it out until 300-500 thousand miles but cost vs the value has me pausing that venture.

    With that in mind, I work from home so I don’t have a typical drive but if I would go back to a work place that’s in the office I would be looking at 60-80 miles a day max.

    I guess trying to see what the all the electric experts say here. Should I get an electric car knowing I don’t drive much other than the trip to the store/casual trip? Where can I take advantage of the credits for federal and state? How reliable are the electric cars? What’s the latest and greatest in the 25-50k range?

    [1] Your general location

    USA – PA

    [2] Your budget in $, €, or £


    [3] The type of vehicle you’d prefer

    Sedan but can get a SUV if price/performance isn’t different

    [4] Which cars have you been looking at already?

    ID.4 and M3 SR+

    [5] Estimated timeframe of your purchase


    [6] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage

    variable (WFH) 20-50 miles during the week

    [7] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?


    [8] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?

    Yes, either through a manufacture incentive or on my own

    [9] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?

    Children in the future/ currently 1 lab

  26. I currently have a 240V / 20A circuit with a 6-20P outlet and plug in a 16A Morec EVSE from Amazon. Due to people on here raising concerns about cheapo EVSEs, I am interested in one from ClipperCreek but it only comes with a 14-30, 14-50, or 6-50 plug. Are there converters available for one of these to plug into my 6-20 outlet? I haven’t found any in the right direction, I guess because those outlets could support higher amperage?

  27. I’m in the US, I love performance over range (glass cannons lol). Ideally I’d like the fastest car for a reasonable price <~75k . Who’s the general price to performance king and should I wait for the final ioniq 6 release. I prefer sporty vehicles but open to any form factor. Currently have 2018 ioniq electric. Lovely car I just want to go even faster. Current 0-60 ~7s

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