Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 26, 2022

Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 26, 2022


Need help choosing an EV? Have something to say that doesn’t quite work as its own post? Vehicle recommendation requests, buying experiences, random thoughts, and questions on financing are all fair game here.

# Is an EV right for me?

Generally speaking, electric vehicles imply a larger upfront cost than a traditional vehicle, but will pay off over time as your consumables cost (electricity instead of fuel) can be anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 the cost. Calculators are available to help you estimate cost — here are some we recommend:

* [https://www.chargevc.org/ev-calculator/](https://www.chargevc.org/ev-calculator/)
* [https://chooseev.com/savings-calculator/](https://chooseev.com/savings-calculator/)
* [https://electricvehicles.bchydro.com/learn/fuel-savings-calculator](https://electricvehicles.bchydro.com/learn/fuel-savings-calculator)
* [https://chargehub.com/en/calculator.html](https://chargehub.com/en/calculator.html)

# Are you looking for advice on which EV to buy or lease?

*First, see if you match any of these cases we see most commonly:*

**Located in USA/Canada, budget of \~$50K, looking for a Crossover/SUV BEV:**

* Hyundai Ioniq 5
* Kia EV6
* Volkswagen ID.4
* Ford Mustang Mach-E

**Located in USA/Canada, budget of \~$50K, looking for a Crossover/SUV PHEV:**

* Toyota RAV4 Prime
* Hyundai Tucson PHEV
* Kia Sorento PHEV

**Located in USA/Canada,** **budget of \~$35K:**

* Kia Niro EV
* Hyundai Kona EV
* Chevy Bolt / Bolt EUV
* Nissan Leaf

**Located in Europe, budget of \~€/£30K, looking for a hatchback:**

* [Peugeot e-208](https://ev-database.org/car/1583/Peugeot-e-208)
* [MG ZS](https://ev-database.org/car/1540/MG-ZS-EV-Standard-Range)
* [Renault Zoe](https://ev-database.org/car/1236/Renault-Zoe-ZE40-R110)
* [Renault Megane E-Tech](https://ev-database.org/car/1536/Renault-Megane-E-Tech-EV40-130hp)

**Don’t fit the above patterns?** Tell us a bit more about you and your situation, and make sure your comment includes the following information:

>\[1\] Your general location
>\[2\] Your budget in $, €, or £
>\[3\] The type of vehicle you’d prefer
>\[4\] Which cars have you been looking at already?
>\[5\] Estimated timeframe of your purchase
>\[6\] Your daily commute, or average weekly mileage
>\[7\] Your living situation — are you in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home?
>\[8\] Do you plan on installing charging at your home?
>\[9\] Other cargo/passenger needs — do you have children/pets?

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*If you are more than a year off from a purchase, please refrain from posting, as we currently cannot predict what the markets and choices will be at that time.*

# Check the Wiki first.

Don’t forget, our Wiki contains a wealth of information for owners and potential owners, including:

* [EV Databases](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/evreleases)
* [Dealer Markup Tracking](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/dealermarkuptracker)
* [General Resources](https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/wiki/index/resources)

Want to help us flesh out the Wiki? Have something you’d like to add? Contact the mod team with your suggestion on how to improve things, we can discuss approach and get you direct editing access.

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29 thoughts on “Purchasing Advice and General Discussion Thread — Week of September 26, 2022

  1. I was hanging out by a taco truck with my family yesterday. a dude walks up to me and asks about my EV6. It turns out, he recently sold his model 3 performance after what he called a “hellish” 2 years. he swore to me that him, and his friend who also is a former Tesla owner, will never own another Tesla ever again, because of their very negative experiences with Tesla service department.

    It was just odd. he seemed really angry and frustrated. but relieved that he was finally rid of his Tesla.

    I’m not a “tesla hater” or anything at all, in fact i almost bought one, and might have if i hadn’t found my EV6.

    I just thought it was worth mentioning. I knew Tesla service had problems, but i thought it was getting better. all of his examples were very recent, and very unfortunate.

    buyer beware, i guess!

  2. My Dad installed a NEMA 10-30 at his place for a new welder. 240V/30A outlet on a 50A circuit.

    I’m seeing J1772 to 10-30 EVSE’s, but they are capped at 16A.

    If I bought a 30A 14-50 EVSE + a 10-30 to 14-50 adapter, would I be able to get the higher amperage?

  3. Thoughts on getting a Vectric VX-1 running? I was told by the owner that they bought it at auction a few years ago (non-running) and looked for battery packs, but could only find one for $5k, so they just have it taking up space and said I could have it for free. Is there a relatively easy (time consuming is fine) way that a not very electrically knowledgeable person with limited funds could get it running to use it as a daily commute EV (doesn’t need a range above 100mi, above 50 preferable though.)
    Thanks so much!

  4. Anyone planning on attending this year’s **Paris Motor Show**? I’ll be traveling alone on Saturday and my ticket is for 12:30 in case someone is on a similar situation.

    My french relatives offered to go along but they only speak French and I only speak English and Spanish so talking about technical details and such won’t be an option (and that’s basically the reason you want to go with someone).

  5. NY resident contemplating 2023 bolt EV.
    (1.) If I order in 2022 but Bolt ships in 2023, am I eligible for $7500 federal + $2000 state, per 2023 eligibility rules?
    (2.) I will certainly pay IRS greater than $7500 in 2023… But do I need to mess with withholdings so I actually /owe/ $7500 at tax time end of 2023? (2.a.) Is there an acceptable way to modify a W-4 withholding form for this purpose???
    (3.) Do I lose NY state $2000 incentive if I buy from out of state dealer, but recieve/live/use the car in NY?

    Thanks for helping potential first-timer.

  6. Currently have a 2000 civic w/70,000 miles. Looking for a new commuter car (2019-2023 vintage) for under 40k and preferably under 30,000 miles with as many luxury features as possible. Where should we be looking?

    We have a second car that does the bulk of family driving; this is for occasional school drop offs and daily commuting (approx 30/mi week).

  7. Considering trading in my 2018 Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivan. I want to stick with a plug-in hybrid, but I want something that is smaller (still 4 door) and has better mileage in city driving. (Prius Prime and Kia Niro seem to suit my needs). The van was appraised by CarMax 6 months ago at $36k. I’d like for the trade-in to cover most, if not all, the cost of the new vehicle. Where should I start looking for a car? Local dealerships? I’m overwhelmed looking online.

    *Please gentle, I’m not a seasoned car buyer. Thanks.*

  8. I have driven and absolutely loved my Tesla Model 3, long range, dual motor EV in December, 2019 (model 2020). I’m completely in love with this car and have only a few minor complaints (like not having a built in garage door opener). Like I said, really, really happy. Now, I’d like to get an EV for my 27 year old daughter. I was thinking about a Nissan Leaf but the ChadMEo (sp?) plug and hearing Nissan was discontinuing the Leaf has steered me to another option. Currently considering the Chevy Bolt. I’m just not sure about such a small car being a good idea. I’m open to comments / suggestions. Drive safely everyone. Frank So Cal Driver

  9. Hey all—looking to buy my first EV and upgrade (significantly) from my 2009 Subaru Forester!

    My budget is between $60-70k. I’m looking for more of a luxury feel in a small/mid-size SUV, but could use some help determine what, if anything else, I should be cross-shopping. Currently, I’m planning on test-driving/have test-driven the following:

    * Mercedes EQB
    * Audi Q40 eTron
    * Volvo XC40 Recharge
    * Tesla Model Y

    Range is not a huge issue (daily commute is only about 20 miles total and I don’t road-trip very often; the wife has a hybrid sedan as well for longer trips). I am certainly interested in something with a little more power (shouldn’t be hard given that the Subaru is no monster), but with a nice ride/quiet cabin.

    I’m not in a huge rush to buy—the Forester is still humming along—but is there anything else I should be looking into?

  10. Is a Used high mileage EV worth considering?

    I am considering purchasing an Audi etron (2019) with almost 80,000 miles. The car is well maintained and normally I wouldn’t be too scared of an internal combustion car at that mileage but 80k with an EV gives me pause cause it’s close to the 100k warranty.

    I won’t be driving a ton (less than 10,000) miles a year so wondering if it’s worth considering. Any thoughts on if high mileage EVs are worth considering? Anyway to reasonably gauge battery health of a used EV?

  11. Hello! I currently own a 2017 Chevy Bolt. It does everything I need, but I just test drove a 2017 Tesla silver Model 3 with 56k miles on it and I love it. Its the same age as my Bolt but has 10k more miles on it. I have been a Tesla fan for a long time and am really interested. Do you guys think this would make sense to purchase? Same year car with more miles on it?

  12. am i missing something? why is the Q4 e-tron so “cheap” vs. competitors? it’s a luxury car compared to say, the Mach E, but the Mach E premium version is a like 4k more expensive than the Q4 Premium 50

  13. I have a preorder in for a VW ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus, but I also have talked to my local Kia dealership about the EV6. They’re both around 55k, though the ID4 (I ordered a 2023 model) will likely qualify for some form of tax credit, while the EV6 will not. I’ve also driven both, and they both seem like great cars. However, I have no idea when the ID4 will come in, but my Kia dealer called me and said he has an EV6 coming in on October 8th and he can put my name on it.

    Any thoughts on which car I should go with?

  14. Advice, please! We ordered our ID.4 Pro S months ago and it just arrived in the U.S. from overseas. We didn’t pre-pay so we’ve lost the opportunity to get a $7,500 tax break according to the law that changed between the time we ordered it and the time it arrived. The dealer wants a total of $50,813 from us for this car, which includes $47,100 for the sticker price, plus a $500 processing fee, tax and $357 in non taxes fees. I emailed the salesman we’ve been working with regarding general price concerns since the tax law changed AND since the 2023 models will be cheaper, but he hasn’t responded. Is there any reason at all to buy the car now? Our current two cars are still running.

  15. I want to test drive an Ioniq 5, but none of the Hyundai dealerships near me (Seattle) can keep cars on the lot. Are there any other options to test drive? I missed the Electrify event this summer.

  16. I’m looking for a reliable mini truck EV that might be similar to a Suzuki Carry if one exists.

    It doesn’t need to go over 30mph with payload and it can have bad range, but it needs to be street legal in Washington state. It can’t have comparatively poor payload capacity. I’d rather get a small and cheap fuel efficient gas truck than a massive and expensive EV truck like the F-150 Lightning, but if I can get a small EV truck that would be ideal. I run a landscape business where all the tools are electric, and it would be super convenient to be able to charge tools from my truck battery while on the job site. Something bigger than a Suzuki Carry but noticeably smaller than an F-150 would be good too. Thank you all so much!

  17. Best new car for 40 – 60K?

    I get a pick of pretty much any car through work (I can pay a little bit to get something nicer so the budgets flexible). So all I’ll be paying for is the charging but everything else including maintenance, insurance etc is covered.

    I’m absolutely not a car guy so will take some advice but the Tesla model 3 seems like it could be a good fit but equally the porche taycan even though it’d cost a bit looks like a fun drive.

    Open to anything really but average drive length is going to be around 150 miles

  18. Hi,

    I don’t have a car yet, but I’m interested in buying an EV. I know an EV is more efficient in cities because of regen breaking, but on highway it use all the power to stay at a high speed.

    I was thinking why is there not a drive mode for highway to unlock the wheel or remove regenerative breaking to keep speed at low energy. For example, you accelerate to 100km/h and just release the pedal and the EV would just continue on it’s course like if it was on neutral. Like a normal car, you would need to keep your foot there to accelerate because of course it would decelerate, but it would use less energy than constantly fighting the regenerative break.

    Does it make sens or am I all wrong about how EV works?

  19. What are your thoughts on the 2022/2023 Chevy Bolt 2LT vs the Tesla Model 3 SR+. Looking for a good commuter car highway driving that does ok with bad weather occasionally. Also have a truck for if it really snows so 4wheel drive is covered in that sense

  20. Hi all. I want to get a VW ID4, but I am having trouble understanding the tax credit implications of taking delivery this year with a MY22 vs waiting for a MY23 from Chattanooga, Tenn. When I called my dealership, they said talk to VW for guidance. When I speak to VW, they said to talk to the dealership or an accountant.

    Could someone explain to me? Thanks.

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