At this year’s Texas Truck Rodeo, Kristin and I harassed the folks at Ford about when we’ll see a new Ford Raptor. High off their win as the Truck of Texas, we figured we’d get some information out of them. With a grin, we received the official “we don’t comment on product plans.” But if you look at Raptor sales data, you’d know that it’d be crazy for Ford to not make a new … [Read more…]

What is there to say about the Ram Power Wagon that can’t be summed up in “badass off-road vehicle?” Not a whole lot, but for someone who is interested in the ultimately off-road utility, the Power Wagon makes a strong case. As a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association, I recently attended the 2014 Texas Truck Rodeo and was able to off-road the Power Wagon like a lunatic. … [Read more…]

Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) is responsible for quite a few special vehicles. The F-150 Lightning, the SVT Focus and the Shelby GT500 are just a few of their popular items. In 2010 the SVT produced the Raptor. The Raptor is designed to be a truck that is more capable off-road than on. It is a truck that can run the Baja 1000 straight off the assembly line. For 2013 Ford … [Read more…]

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