If you have a family, or need to haul a lot of things, you probably look at a sport utility vehicle (SUV) as your car of choice. Jeep markets the Patriot as the least expensive SUV on sale in the United States. Cheap and cheerful do not always go hand in hand when talking about cars, so does a cheap Jeep provide the unique ownership experience without sacrificing creature … [Read more…]

The Toyota Corolla: a boring choice when looking at small, inexpensive family sedans, sure. Other vehicles, like the Ford Focus, can take a corner faster. But while the Corolla may not be the fun choice, it is the smart choice for someone looking at safety, fuel economy and reliability. During my week long test drive, I found four reasons the car might be right for just about … [Read more…]

2011 marked the return of the Ford Motor Company selling the Fiesta in the United States. The Fiesta is one of the first vehicles under Mulally’s One Ford initiative, which means that the vehicle sold in the United States is virtually identical to the one sold around the world. For the first time, in a long time, buyers would be able to purchase a good looking, practical, and … [Read more…]

Thanks to the One Ford initiative, in 2012 the North American market was able to purchase the same Ford Focus that was available for sale around the globe. For the first time, in a long time, Americans can enjoy the exceptional handling, good looks, and better build quality that the European Focus has been able to enjoy for years. We spend a week in a top-level Titanium version … [Read more…]

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The Ford F-150 is the nation’s best-selling truck. A new F-150 is sold every 42 seconds, which also happens to be the answer to everything, but we digress. This incredible feat of sales must mean that Ford is producing a great truck, so we took the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 2014 F-150 XLT for an extended test to find out. While not being perfect, we found the … [Read more…]

The modern Ford Fiesta has been a lovable little car from day one. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased one. When the opportunity came along to test the 2014 model, I definitely was excited. I knew that Ford had made some positive changes to the vehicle, but what really surprised me is how much kit the Fiesta comes with at a much lower price point than what I paid for mine! … [Read more…]

Despite several launch concerns of potential fire hazards (and subsequent recalls), the Ford Escape has been a strong seller for the brand. Locally, these vehicles run rampant in all of the trim levels. To help better understand why the Escape is such a popular vehicle, I spent a week in a decked-out Titanium version to see what’s what. With great interior build quality, loads … [Read more…]

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