Seems like “electrify america” charging stations are free today!

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9 thoughts on “Seems like “electrify america” charging stations are free today!”
  1. It’s possible the station couldn’t reach the Electrify America servers for payment authentication. Better to let someone use the charger for free when the network is down rather than strand someone.

  2. Ah, like some new superchargers in germany last summer (that could be used by everyone as authentication/payment Was down in the first days after they were set up)

  3. I noticed the same thing on Sunday. I plugged in and it just started up. 🙏🏽

  4. I’m in California. I encountered this once. At the location, only 1 machine showed this. The other three did not. It happened to be the machine that I initially parked at, so I used it. It turned out session aborts (due to error) every 10-15 minutes, so I had to initiate 3 times. Not too bad considering it’s free and I’m next to my car when disconnect happened (gas station in the middle of no where). The frequent error is probably related to it being free.

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