Last week in front of a capacity crowd, Ford unveiled the newest work truck to the attendees and media of the State Fair of Texas; the 2017 Ford Super Duty. We’ve been waiting a long time to see what the new Super Duty will look like, and how it’ll perform. Now, we have a much better idea. While Ford still isn’t giving the important statistics, like horsepower, torque, … [Read more…]

You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks several motorcycle articles appearing on this site. They have been the work of Jason Channell, who is now our new Director of Motorcycle Content. He’ll be managing all of the day-to-day motorcycle content that you see here on Average Car Guy, since I don’t know nearly enough about motorcycles to consider myself an expert in … [Read more…]


“Whaddya mean, you don’t own a car?”  The tall man in the cowboy hat asked, looking at me like he wasn’t quite sure if I was crazy, or he admired my sheer chutzpah. I may have gotten a milder reaction if I had grabbed his sister’s hindquarters. Asking why I don’t currently own a car is a question I get often. I’ve just got my trusty Triumph Sprint ST as my main means of … [Read more…]

Finding a good driving road near where you live can be difficult, unless you live in Los Angeles. But luckily for us, we have a halfway decent one just minutes from our home. We take all of our review cars there for a spin to sort out handling characteristics of each of our vehicles. Here’s a video documenting the route thanks to the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette’s Performance Data … [Read more…]

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I hit the brakes and nothing happened. I just kept sliding toward the intersection. I knew I had to hang on and keep the bike straight, or I’d be in big trouble…. Riders come across a lot of situations where proper actions at the right time can keep the shiny side up. After sliding through some intersections, dodging SUVs not checking their blind spots, and surviving a guy … [Read more…]


I never intended to become “the motorcycle guy” at the office, and amongst my friends. When you don’t currently own a car and just ride a motorbike everywhere, it’s inevitable. As someone who rides a motorcycle daily, I see a lot of things on the road that make me take the name of Yeezus in vain. I’d like to share a few Dos and Donts with you. No Crazy Ivans Remember the … [Read more…]


The Ford Flex has some of the loyalest fans in the automotive industry. Flex owners, when they replace their Flex, purchase another Flex over 40% of the time. That far exceeds the Explorer, which is the SUV sales king for Ford, and even the almighty Ford F-150. But what makes this vehicle so great, and why don’t more people buy it? We spent a week in one to find out! (Full … [Read more…]

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