It’s Cyber Monday, and while some of you might be combing the Internet for the latest deals, Honda has taken a different approach to marketing today. They asked even villain Skeletor to stop by and take over their Twitter account for the day. Is he selling any more of Honda’s CRVs or Accords? Who knows? But he is rather funny and you should probably check it out.

Twittersphere: It is I, Skeletor! Now that I have control of Honda’s account, no one is safe! Muaha! #Skeletakeover

— Honda (@Honda) December 1, 2014

He’s also making sure to making fun of He-Man…

I wonder what He-Man is getting for #CyberMonday. Probably a bedazzled loincloth. #SMH #Skeletakeover

— Honda (@Honda) December 1, 2014

And he’s even looking to recruit some people to help with his evil plans…

Can anyone tell me how to contact “internet trolls”? They sound like my kinda people. #Skeletakeover

— Honda (@Honda) December 1, 2014

Skeletor doesn’t have a good history of being successful with his devious plans, so we’re not sure how today’s takeover of Honda’s Twitter account will go, but it does get people talking about Honda. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

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