Skyrocketing metal prices threaten affordability of electric cars

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7 thoughts on “Skyrocketing metal prices threaten affordability of electric cars”
  1. While it’s true that Ni has doubled in price since 2016, its price is still controlled by its use in alloys such as stainless steel (class 2 Ni) and not car batteries (class 1 Ni). Most mining operations do not contain Ni ore deposits that are easily converted to Class 1 Ni and as a result, there is a potential for future shortages. The present price of Ni is still too low to make Ni exploration and mine development economically viable. That’s why you see EV manufacturers working out arrangements with companies that operate existing Ni mines.

  2. This will affect everything so it evens out.

    We think that our complete product lineup got around 20 percent more expensive if it contains steel, copper, PC or PA.

    Fun times indeed…

  3. Seems like FUD from a japanese site trying to protect it’s dying car industry because they are against electric cars. Yes, metal prices are high right now, but this is mainly due to pandemic shortages and hopefully will be remedied soon. These high costs of metal are also affecting ICE car prices. I understand some of the metals in EV batteries are unique to BEVs but this article down plays the reduced materials and prices of the batteries.

  4. Surely it would threaten all cars? Including hydrogen cars that Japan invested in? Oh wait now I understand the title 🙄

  5. There are huge account of rare earths in East of Japan sea. If they can start to mine it, the price of metal would easily get controlling.

  6. not that significant given the situation this past year. Supply will go up at some point and prices will fall. This is basic economics.

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